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  1. It is not a bug. In order to upgrade your weapon or armor, you have to upgarde all tiers before the one you currently want. For example: you can not uprage from fine to legendary immidiately, you first have to uprage to exceptional, then superb and only then legendary.
  2. You will actually need both - the robe and the password. There may be a skill check to bypass one or the other but none worked for me. Also, if you got caught by the imps before you got to the Arkemyr's room and they escorted you outside, this option will no longer be available and they will attack you on sight the next time you enter the manor.
  3. I really don`t see the point in balancing talents like paladin auras, that are not working as intended in the first place. Area of effect bugs and enemies remaining buffed after charmed effect wears off are not adressed, but devs somehow thought that nerfing Zealous Endurance would be a nice thing. Also, any word from the devs, about why are some major issues being ignored, would be greatly appreciated - are they unfixable, unfixable atm, or not being worked on at all. Don`t get me wrong, I love this game, but the state it has been released in, and major bugs throughout, are keeping it from being a true masterpiece. Really hope all the issues will be fixed in the foreseeable future, `till then i`m gonna shelf it.
  4. Have this issue with The Black Path, Inspiring Triumph and Strange Mercy talents. None of the effects trigger if target dies from DOT.
  5. I wouldn`t call conversion of hits to grazes with Zealous endurance on, exactly a "buff"...
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