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  1. I'm going to keep the story limited so i'll just not give any background or where i was but i activated a trap on accident and it crit me for 503 damage and maimed me instantly
  2. For whatever reason i can not edit my post further and will post here for any curious for the cause, after getting back to my position in the sanitirium i changed one certain thing, after encountering the man in the back of the north ward i had saved and reloaded as i forgot to do something before hand that would've aided me, it seemed reloading in this area caused many issues after initiating the fight and not progressing out of the north ward.
  3. hm, yea he won't talk to me either, i feel like i may be screwed here as well, he just says i've caused enough trouble here
  4. This is my first play through of pillars of eternity and got to the sanitarium mission and was doing fine progressing my character just fine, and after talking to the man in the back it caused everyone to aggro on me as intended i assume, but some of the models that spawned were frozen in place. And everyone in the place turned against me, i have no way of reverting back and the warden is angry with me as if i caused the mess, and now have a deception point though I've no recollection of how i got it. I'm fairly upset as this was completely out of my control and now i have no way of changing it. not sure what's the best method of uploading my save file as it's too big to attach and dropbox seems iffy. edit: added more images of what is wrong, in one image it says i killed the man but he is still there and it didn't even show him as a enemy. but they're too big to upload so i'm linking a imgur album . edit2: Yup my game is broken and can no longer progress without losing a few hours of progress cause luckily i hadn't saved in a while. but seeing as how stuff like this can happen i will take the precaution of leaving a few extra save files.
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