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  1. Edit: Fixed! Heya it's me Imoen So I can't progress Edérs quest because I cannot speak to the Record Keeper, he just has a speech bubble... I've reputation Hero with Defiance Bay, Edér was present while killing Maerwald. Every prerquisite should be there... How do I initiate the conversation where Edér suggests going to the hall of records? Images: Talking to Record Keeper http://imgur.com/a/F20UI Reputation http://imgur.com/a/yXtml Quest log http://imgur.com/a/SZ0pi What's wroooong? I need to sacrifice Edér but not before I squeeze out every last bit of juicy XP from him. Edit: Copy-pasted this from my steam thread, hence the weird "leaving steam" message on the links I ass u me? Thought I'd get a better response here.
  2. I had a harder time with this bounty than with the Mowrghek Îen fight (to follow another posters no-spoiler-method) on PotD. At the same level (16) and basically the same gear quality. What ended up working for me was doing some really high maintenance on my Cipher to keep him alive so he could continuously AOE CC the mobs since they do tend to cluster up and then focus fire the druids. Also used elemental resistance pots on everyone. Second hardest encounter in the game for me, following Adra Dragon PotD. I guess my party comp just didn't mesh well with the encounter. (Fighterx2, ranged Cipher, Rogue, Paladin, ranged Priest). So satisfying to beat though when it's been such a brick wall.
  3. Okay after a lot of trial and error with petrify and charm spells to focus down the adds, I instead managed to get a petrify spell on the dragon and went balls to the walls dps on him, he died within seconds and the adds were easy enough to handle afterwards. So just petrify dragon and hope for crits. This was on hard, lvl 12. Edit; I made sure to initiate combat by having Eder and Pallegina run to the upper section and take aggro while the rest of the party was standing to the south, Aloth immediately casting Gaze of Adragan upon combat start.
  4. Focus the Shades, when they die their summoned shadows disappear...
  5. Nah. Woedica is a god. I think killing a god in the first part of a two part expansion is bad storytelling/design. Well "god" at least But I think it could be the next villain! But maybe for a longer storyarc than just 1st part...
  6. Hmm okay, checked my normal playthrough and Thaos is most powerful enemy defeated for Eder, but the Adra Dragon and Hylea Dragon are both missing from the list. Maybe Eder got killing blow on all and Thaos is most powerful But probably some bug with the dragon(s)..
  7. http://i.imgur.com/D9xvRnJ.png Hope the link works? I just got finishing blow on the Hylea Dragon, but it doesn't show up on anyones most powerful enemy defeated. It's a bit disappointing... I haven't killed Adra Dragon or any other dragon. This is on hard, and I die a lot Revive scrolls are nice.
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