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  1. My initial thoughts on this are: 1) What stops someone just casting all their spells before/while Spiritshifted? Bypassing the downsides by the sheer nature of just not needing to use spells at that point in the encounter. 2) How does the attack speed decrease and endurance regen work if Spiritshifts are made more usable (No longer 1/encounter)? Which is a potential buff to make a Spiritshift focused character more usable on higher difficulties/levels (Where a limited Shift may not last an entire engagement) 3) How does this debuff interact with Intellect? Will it scale up with hig
  2. It's very weird how helmets/hats have been implemented. I mean, when I got my first one with no stats on I was like "What? That's a thing?" but then came finding the ones with stats (With no ability to customize cosmetics, such as a "Hide helmet" toggle that isn't done using IEmod and Console Commands) It also seemed strange that Godlikes, who have quite powerful racial bonuses, mention that they can't wear helmets/hats which seemed to me to suggest that it's an actual downside that they miss out on some statistical advantage from not being able to equip something in that slot... But n
  3. Having multiple forms available in the current iteration, isn't worth it. But if tweaked enough, it's possible to give each form some benefit(s) to help differentiate them. Stats could be tweaked between them - So for example, Bear gaining more DR, gaining more engagement targets, gaining ability(s) that help reinforce being a front line tank. Meanwhile Wolf could get more movement speed, co-ordination damage (Since Wolves hunt in packs), abilities that assist with CC/Debuffing enemies (Such as Hobbled). Cat could get more attack speed, sneak attacks, damage dealing abilities etc.
  4. Well the thing is, in-game the dialogue and interactive story sections use the stats very specifically - Might is almost always picking someone off their feet, smashing down a wall (That would otherwise take fatigue worthy amounts of effort to chisel away) or having an imposing presence on someone. Much how Intellect is almost always having lots of knowledge about specific things (To the point where talking to the bandit leader in the initial caravan site, there's an option to talk about their god that's usable with either Lore or Intellect scores) If these options varied more often - Such
  5. As someone who often plays the shapeshifter class in games (Due to their inherent "Jack of all trades" ability by the nature of various forms to choose from for particular roles) But in PoE, it's quite underwhelming what Spiritshifts are actually like. I mean, only having one (Compared to several other games of varying genres having the possibility of 2-3), having it limited in its usage (1/Encounter and paltry 15 sec duration base), having it's unique abilities being severely limited (Both low power AND /rest rather than /encounter as well as being low usage to boot) and then having s
  6. So, recently started playing Pillars, made a few characters to various degrees of success (Monk, Paladin, Chanter etc) but have gotten to the point where I keep getting frustrated by party members (Either due to enemies teleporting past and/or outright ignoring all my tanky characters trying to lock them down and focusing the squishies on the back lines or just the annoyances of the extra micro it needs to keep everyone in attack range of things) As such, I started to consider solo play. I chose a Cipher for this, because well... I like the theme of debuffing opponents until they submi
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