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  1. I have the Linux version from Steam. I play an all-ranger party on PotD. I first encountered this bug on the 13th level of Od Nua; I lured a bunch of monsters from a larger group in one of the rooms out into a corridor to kill them separately, a tactic I've been using the entire game. I killed all the mosters close-by, but I noticed I was stuck in combat mode, so no regen, travel, or anything. I tried to resolve it by killing the rest of the group, which was pretty small at that point, so I gave my figurines a stretch and managed to solve this unplanned complication without regenerating. T
  2. 6 rangers. 19, 5, 19, 16, 16, 3 for the main char(for the dialogue checks), 19, 10, 19, 10, 10, 8 (I think) for the rest of the squad. In the middle of Act 2, level 8 of the Endless Roads, lion companion for the main, bears for the rest, each one of them is using a different type of ranged weapon, focus on accuracy over speed, so far so good. If you lure enemies piecemeal and scout ahead, you're unbeatable, or at least you can retreat with the rangers if things go south and just wait for the companons to revive and the enemies to go back to their original positions, with absolutely no conseque
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