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  1. Wait, what? Isn't it not released until the 19th? This happens a lot, games get shipped out early, so they can be put out in the shelves on release day, some shops just start selling them straight away. Can suck with online-only games, as you can install them but not actually run them till release date.
  2. Ciphers are a pretty narrow class to be honest. you're pretty much going to want to max might and dex to push out the max possible physical damage in the shortest amount of time to regain focus (espescially now they start with only 1/4th of their max focus at the start of battle) and also int, since your powers scale off it, leaving not much room to put points in the other stats. Charms (whispers of treason, puppet master) are good, taking out an enemy out of the equation while he is attacking & tanking his teammates ? yes please. use psychovampiric shield on the enemy beforehand to drain them of 20 will, so you're sure you have a good chance of charming them. the 'linked beams'that continue to do damage to enemies are good too (antiphatetic field and ectopsychic echo) takes some getting used to positioning your cipher/party just right so you get the ticks off, but they do damage each second for 6 and 10 seconds long respectively. Desintegration is also great, deals damage every few seconds for it's pretty long duration, and since it's raw damage it's great against those enemies with high DR.
  3. One stands alone now "works as intended" which is a huge nerf compared to what it did before. Used to add 20 damage to all hits (even grazes) instead of the intended +20% One big con here is that carnage has a damage modifier of -0.34, so it does 34% less damage then your direct hit melee attacks, which amounts to a bit over 1/3rd of your damage. On top of that, if you have low accuracy or the enemy just has high defenses, a lot of your hits will graze, adding another 50% damage penalty, for a whopping 84% total. this means that you're going to see a huge drop in your damage output, especially compared to what it was before. Also, to make effective use of carnage now, you're going to want to stack accuracy and/or getting DR bypass on your weapons.
  4. Rogues are masters of single-target damage output, though barbarians outclass them in total damage output. You can build pretty solid rogues around using the Arquebus or Arbalest, and even the Blunderbus. Because they are inherently squishy, a good option for melee rogues are pikes, giving you enough reach to stay behind your tanks. After 1.05, barbarians really need a good armor penetration to make the most of their carnage, so Estoc's are a good choice. you'll also be able to pick up a pretty great one during the endless paths of od nua, so that's a plus. If you want to build a stun/interrupt build, there's only 2 specific weapons you can use, both with the "stunning" enchant on them (attacks stun on critical hits) one being the Cladhaliat spear (google how to obtain this with the correct stats, i won't spoil it for you here), and the other being the Starcaller flail which is only available after starting act 3. If you fancy dual wielding you can go with dual rapiers for extra accuracy, but after 1.05 i'd go with either stilettos or sabres, for DR bypass and extra damage respectively. they both get benefits from the ruffian weapon specialization, so you can have a set of both and switch between them as you like. There's a stiletto with the Draining enchantment (20% of damage leeched as life) available on the endless paths lvl 1 - so you can get that really fast, which is great.
  5. Yeah, imho the fire godlike passive really isn't worth it - barbarians have good damage output anyway, you'll get a lot more out of the healing you get from the moon godlike passive. personally i used dual rapiers on my barb with a dex of only 10, using the attack speed boosts from abilities/talents and to make sure i was hitting fairly fast, focusing on int more then might (16 might, 18 int) i've allways felt that increasing the range of my attacks was more important then squeezing every last bit of damage on barbarians.
  6. Barbarian is a good way to go. You're going to want to put a lot/max points in int for their carnage aoe anyway, so that helps with dialogue, and depending on how you build it you can have high perception as well,(for a stun/interrupt build) which opens up even more dialogue options. High might is also a staple, though isn't used as much during dialogue. Used to be you'd want to pump resolve on barbs as well, but with the latest patch, not so much anymore, so you'll not see much of the dialogue options revolving around charismatic/determinated options. Race-wise, moon-godlike is probably the way to go, which should also add some small banters/interjections, so there's that.
  7. I wouldn't mind some kind of blend where they invest some of their profits in creating a sequel, paired with additional funds from a kickstarter though.
  8. Just finished my playthrough of BG:EE, taking the character through BG2:EE now
  9. Personally, i havn't encountered any gamebreaking bugs since the 1.04 update so yeha, i'd say go for it.
  10. Terrible idea. as it stands now, stats generally don't impact character performance in such a way that you have to minimize or maximize them, but you can if you want to. The only thing you acomplish by enforcing penalties to make it so people can't/won't min/max is that you're setting up arbitrary boundaries, limiting players in ways they can build out their characters. With the system implemented as it is, you can min/max, but it is in no way required to make a build that can clear the entire game. No class is unplayable with average scores in all stats, and even when you minimize certain stats, you need ways to make up for the penalties you incur. don't like min/max-ing ? then choose not to and don't. But just because you don't like it doesn't mean other players should be limited in playing the way they enjoy the game. Your suggestion would pretty much mean everyone that plays this game i gonna have to run the same bland stat setup, since you'd pretty much be forced to average all stats, lacking ways of making up for the penalties if you do lower and/or minimize a score. Hell, why not suggest that all characters get set to 13/13/13/13/13/13 and just not give the player any choice whatsoever in how they want to build out their character, it would make just as much sense.
  11. Currently re-playing my way through baldurs gate : enhanced edition for the 3rd time, this time on a swashbuckler that i plan to export to bg2:ee and dual to mage at lvl 15.
  12. I don't know about comparing DA:O combat to PoE combat, they both have their own strong points and flaws, and personally i feel they're equally enjoyable. Now, comparing PoE combat to the combat in Dragon age Inquisition however - yeah, PoE is better. I've played Da:I just before starting on pillars, and the combat in DA:I just feels very generic once you're past the first 1/3rd of the game. At least pillars offers more diversity in party composition/abilities and different ways you can tackle encounters
  13. "Mana.. mana.. whatever that means.." https://youtu.be/9ytei6bu7kQ
  14. Nah, stag form allready gets bonuses to all defenses. making stag carnage passive would put it too much on top of the other forms imho.
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