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  1. Well, good ideas or not, looks it's only the two of us here. Anyway, I really do hope that PoE2 will improve the feeling of the world, how it plays, how it develops. And since PoE has done very good, I see no reason not to invest in and develop even further almost all the aspects of the game. One more thing: Basically, the crafted worlds in videogames have all improved. Even in action games there is a desire (I'd call it a necessity, though) to create believable worlds. Meaning that any environement that the player finds himself in, must adhere to a series of rules that enhance the "feeling" that the player has. So, as a short and mostly incomplete example: we have Dying Light. That game was not fun (for me) because I got to kill zombies (most fun zombie game for me is PvZ1), but it has created a truly wonderful world to play in. It's basically a playground that gives freedom and sustains a high level of interactivity and dynamism. It's a bit far fetched comparaison, indeed, but I hope the point was understood. Making worlds in videogames feel alive, dynamic and as highly interactive as possible is the future, I don't have any doubts about this!
  2. You know, I like this game. I really do. But, there is something missing in it for me. And I can't seem to get over it, no matter how hard I try. Please note and remember the most relevant words: for me. Now, please, don't treat this thread as a critique towards those that feel the contrary, or as a rant aimed at developers. It's just a subjective preference and I would like to state it here, in hopes that one day, maybe, in/for Pillars Of Eternity 2 (perhaps?), this will be considered. I don't like static worlds. Most of the times (if not always!) I appreciate and enjoy a game through one of it's most important characters: the game world. The perfect example is BioShock. To get closer to our subject, another example is Morrowind. To get even MORE closer: Baldur's Gate 1. What's this all about then? It's the static empty world that your character creates after passing through an area. For me, that makes ZERO sense, this is virtually unnatural even in real life, and it flattens the enjoyment of a world. Now, I do know that most of the people hate NPC/enemies respawns and I can agree with that but only up to a point. Having to defeat, after a reload or 24hrs, the same group of level draining mobs that annoy the hell out of you is not my idea of fun, either. But what about generating a change that will keep the world alive (after clearing mobs/monsters): - wild life moving in (deers, frogs, turtles, rabbits etc.) <- very simple and can be easily noticeable (or unnoticeable, heh) - NPCs moving in (sharing quests or, if too complicated, at least offering new dialogue about their story/presence there) <- semi-complex - enemy respawn after a few days time in 15/35% of previous numbers, maintaining same level (no level scaling) <- my favorite - world/map changes (previously inhabited camps decaying, disappearing, being replaced by rubble or some remains - as looted or destroyed by time or pillagers) <- haven't seen this yet anywhere (?) - world/map changes (new locations, camps, small settlements) - spawns of a different type of mobs/monsters (another NPC faction, opposite, maybe or very different monsters, that conflict with previous wiped ones) - anything that would bring a breath of life into the world itself. I am interested to see what do you guys think about this. How important is the world you play in for you? How would you like play/feel in it, or how do you see it evolving past what we have seen so far in games? Thanks for reading, understanding and keeping the discussion mature and constructive!
  3. Hoping and wishing for export/import possibilities in a patch soon. Was gutted to see that this wasn`t in the original game. My most beloved feature from the Baldurs Gate series. I remember replaying Baldurs Gate 10 times just to get attribute-books and better equipment each time. Yes, having reached the level-cap and on the 10th playthough having 20 in all stats made you overpowered, but thats what I liked. To benefit from previous playthrough, even getting gains after you played through the game several times with the different attribute-books, and being overpowered and watching enemies you hit explode. Please implement the import/export feature in the game, it`s the most important feature for me for replayability. Attribute books is the second most important thing. Your post perfectly describes my feelings about this matter. Hopefully, our wish will be granted soon, hehe.
  4. Didn't choose the "Moon" path, as I tried a bit more "challenging" and experimental approach. Guess my stats speak clear about it: 20 . 5 . 6 . 16 . 15 . 16 We'll see what will come of this.
  5. Hello! I posted this in the Steam forums also. Since I have not gotten any input, I moved here also. I just leveled up my paladin to level 3. He gained only 12 endurance points instead of 14, as he should get according to the wiki here: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Class I also have Aloth along. He also advanced to level 3 and he gained the correct amount of endurance points: 10. I might miss something, I guess... or it's a bug? Thx.
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