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  1. In the end I went with a Hearth Orlan Rogue with: MIG: 17 CON: 8 DEX: 19 PER: 12 INT: 17 RES: 5 I can see how you would choose to put some more in CON and/or RES and dump PER instead. Right now it's still quite easy (playing on Hard now), but I tend to be a little fragile. Massive damage with my pike though, that's quite nice. I use Eder and Aloth atm and both focus on knocking down, blinding, confusing or otherwise hindering enemies. I only get in trouble with enemies like Shadows when they attack in packs of 4+, as they bypass Eder and go straight for me or Aloth. It still looks like a fun build.
  2. So, for a 2H pike-wielding Rogue, how would you distribute the attributes? I get you want to max DEX and MIG (thinking 19/17 respectively) and you can bring CON down a bit as you woun't need much of it, but then what? Are you gong to increase INT for the added duration, or dump it for RES? And PER? Leave it around 10-12 or put more into it? Would like to know your thoughts on it/
  3. OK, hoping to get your thoughts on a 2-h Rogue build. I want to focus on critical hits and damage on single target. My idea is to use a pike (extra range) as main weapon with the intent on getting Tall Grass as soon as possible, granting more crits and prone on crit. Talents of the Rogue are interesting in that they can help you set up more sneak attacks. Sneak attack is great, as it procs on hit in the first 2 secs of a battle and on any target that is Blinded, Flanked, Hobbled, Paralyzed, Petrified, Prone, Stuck, Stunned or Weakened. So, if I set up my character and party in such a way that I get as many targets as possible viable for sneak attack... Profit! Anyway, to the build: I want to use a Hearth Orlan for the extra crit chance. Talents focus on Sneak Attack, Reckless Assault, Blinding Strike, Savage Attack, Deathblows etc. I need your help deciding on the Attributes. Obviously with a 2H build focussing on damage, I want to max Might and Dexterity. I want Might at 18, so I will use the Living Lands culture to offset my -1 race penalty. Currently, this is what I'm thinking about: MIG: 18 (incl. Living Lands) CON: 8 DEX: 18 PER: 12 INT: 17 RES: 5 MIG and DEX are kinda obvious. I chose to dump RES and CON mainly, because I don't intent on getting hit too often. Intellect for the duration of prone etc. and Perception mostly for the extra dialogue options and deflection. I'd like your input on this. Am I doing the wrong thing dumping Resolve; should I dump CON instead? Is Perception even in any way necessary? What's your take on this? Also, if you'd like to take a look at the post that inspired me: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72238-rogue-advice/?p=1655566
  4. One more bug casualty reporting in. Like so many others, I killed Azo after confronting him, cleared the basement (Wichts not showing up) and went upstairs to find everyone hostile. The guards and Moerdred on the lower level aren't hostile by the way. Don't know if that means anything. I am really hoping for a fix here. I'm afraid that the Scepter quest and Moerdred's chest aren't going to happen for me.
  5. Ah, I should have read these bugs before posting mine. The third point that kamov23 makes is one I opened a new topic for. My apologies.
  6. I noticed that when I have the map open ingame and then switch to my desktop (alt+tab) and then go back to the game again, the map is displaying a bug. You can still see yourself on the map, but the map itself is not showing the area, but rather a sort oof wooden background. Maybe part of the menu or something. Anyway, it's not a big deal, as you can easily close and reopen the map to solve it.
  7. I ran into the exact same thing. For me it didn't so much crash the game, as put it in a permantent state of "Game Paused". I was able to solve it by switching to and from my desktop (alt+tab).
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