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  1. Just launched a new game with WM2 installed. Also playing in french. When talking to Nedmar in the Raedric castle, he offers the possibility to rest. But when choosing the option, nothing happens. I remember that before WM2, we could rest with Nedmar. So i just report this. It doesn't prevent us from playing.
  2. I just killed the alpin dragon on Path of the damned difficulty, and i was so happy that i wanted to post and share ! My group is full 14, Warrior tank (main), Paladin, Monk, Cleric, Cipher, Mage. And i cleaned the Craghold, so i have the stuff and spells from the zone. Needless to say i spent the week end on the dragon fight, and i had a little luck at the end. I have 3 characters with 10+ at the knowledge skill. I crafted a lot of spells : scroll of maelstrom, scroll of restore critical stamina and scroll of confusion. I equipped a maximum of figurines. I equipped slashing weapons (
  3. I have a large preferance for Eder and the griving mother BUT, the story i prefer is the one of Sagani.
  4. I am a fan of the Baldur's gate saga since the first hours, and with Pillars of Eternity, you made me dream. Just thank you all
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