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  1. Same here, I hoped to be able to respec chars and change their portraits... ( IE Mod currently not working with the new patch). Anybody can reupload, please?.
  2. Yeah, and the checks in dialogs are for your main char almost allways. There are times you can choose another more fitted to it to do some chore, like climbing a wall.
  3. I like the stronghold quests and the building fb game, but I agree with the OP, four loading screens to go sleep is too much. When you exausted the dialog options with your companions there is no real reason to go there ( in fact, there is no real reason to go anywhere in the stronghold except the salon and your bed) Maybe you can rest outside, or in the first floor?. It would be nice if you can take your taxes and stuff outside too, because you have another two loadscreens to go... Maybe it is my pc, but my loading time is a little slow, so its kind of annoying.
  4. Yeah, I was a little surprised when I find the sorcerers in this IE game not very powerful. I took the druid and had Aloth doing missions in the stronghold for a long time, but somehow I took him in lvl 9 and it was like wow, he really is good.
  5. I was entering the docks of Ondra in Defy`s Bay when I found myself sinking in open water, the docks, like the books and the lore say, are flooded
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