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  1. Seems like it fixed itself after an hour of play. But now my +movement speed items stop working after every fight. Sigh.
  2. Speeds are fine now. Thanks! The only issue I've noticed is my previously slowed character is still permanently stuck in the walking animation when moving in a group. If I move him individually he regains his run animation. Makes me wonder if there's a scripted cutscene or spell that's permanently changing characters to a walk state.
  3. Hi Stillquest thanks for what you're doing here. Could you take a look at my save? My barbarian Kaeyos barely moves while my cipher Suzumi is very fast. https://mega.co.nz/#!mJsEGYZK!1iDQcpBTsMUX0bBvvaa5GdQicebJI9fRCDu6FFXcxfQ
  4. I don't think it matters which version you're on. This bug started for me with the first unpatched version. If I have the entire party selected, it moves everyone as slow as my player character, so even with fast mode selected, it looks like the game is running on normal speed. If I select and move characters individually, my PC lags far behind, 3 people are slower than normal, and 2 turbo ahead of everyone else. Would it be that hard to do a stat/status sanity check after every load, area change, or rest? It seems like these bugs with permanent blind, movespeed changes and stacking
  5. I'm also getting a lot of problems with movespeed being broken. My main character barbarian is permanently slowed to a snail's pace in combat and in stealth. My cipher is permanently on crack. Too bad she's not a melee character.
  6. I have this bug, and it happened before the patch. Primary character is moving like a snail, while another party member is moving faster than everyone else. Before I use cheat engine as a last resort, has anyone found a workaround besides using memory editing?
  7. I'm not wearing boots of speed or any speed altering items. My chanter does have the speed boost modal, but toggling it hasn't fixed anything. This bug is annoying. My PC is swimming through molasses during combat and stealth, while my cipher zooms around faster than everyone else. It'd be nice if Obsidian acknowledged the bug. Anyone know of a workaround?
  8. While sneaking, my player character moves twice as slow as the rest of the party. My cipher moves twice as fast as the rest. During regular movement, my player character runs/acts slower than everyone else as well. Save: https://mega.co.nz/#!Wd0Q1bLL!-Ppw2TjHtaXJ-TcftQyKIeeGk6z3QuEj68S3q_hg4bo
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