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  1. Coat of Ill Payment is from a bounty, I think it needs act III so not that easy. Sanguine Plate is the reward from Vailian Embassy quest - recruiting Pallegina.
  2. Sure I'm the reincarnated Eothas *shakes down merchants on the way to Caed Nua* There's a certain entropy to the world of Eora, and Eothas is dead and gone. So's Waidwen. The ending has a lot of interactions which would've shown or at least hint at the Watcher's nature if it was true, but there's nothing.
  3. I didn't get the impression that the souls were stolen for Woedica (while creating the hollowborn); instead it felt like after Waidwen/Eothas got hit by the Dyrwoodean hello it was the leaden key's contingency plan to disrupt any and all animancy so no one could see into what happened with the fallen god. The hollowborn were a means to that end. I chose to go with Wael's suggestion at the end though so I might've missed some stuff.
  4. I disagree - on anything but PoTD - you don't need to min/max. You can make them work and earn their keep. Middle of the road int hurts a bit on casters and I will never ever put GM in my group because lol those stats, but for an average normal run there's nothing wrong with the generalist choices for most people. Of ourse, on PoTD you will want to minmax anyway so off to hiring adventurers we go.
  5. I've finished the game with my monk on Normal before the patch, so Edér was tanking almost everything and I generated very little wounds in most fights. However, by far and large my monk was the MVP of any fight that I was outnumbered - any fight I couldn't flank or generally debuff enemies so my rogue couldn't sneak attack with ease, my monk shined - and if anything slipped past Edér he was there to tank it and get some wounds going. Of course, towards the end my rogue adventurer catched up to my monk PC due to sneak attack bonuses. Patch upped the damage a bit though so I'm not sure
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