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  1. I have to say that this does indeed matter to me as well. I would have loved to kickstart this game. I saw it really early on but was broke when it was being kickstarted cuz of two new babies. I did preorder it before it came out. It's disappointing now to know that it is one achievement which prevents me from completing all the achievements. It's not a kickstarter problem. It's an achievement thing in general. I fought on TOME's boards for awhile for the same reason. The achievements were uncompletable. For anyone who doesn't know, that is currently the game on steam with the highest number of achievements.
  2. Hmm. Just made a big post about this as it seemed misleading to post that the bug was fixed. I see now that it was only the act of obtaining the bug that had been fixed. At least it's realized that the bug is still in effect and we still can't play the game any farther.
  3. Edit. I did see in another thread you clarified that you realize you have NOT fixed the story progression bug. The bug list is misleading tho as it seems to say it fixed it. I suppose will just have to keep waiting. This is a pretty big bug tho I hope it's fixed soon. I can't play anymore of the game until it gets fixed. There WILL be spoilers in this posts about Factions. The patch notes talked about fixing the game-breaking bug of not being able to continue in the game due to the factions not working correctly. Well this patch was suppose to fix that. However it doesn't. It's still just as broken as before. I started with the merchant quest and sided with the Doemenels because they offered a better reward for my services. This gained me a "in" with the Doemenel family faction. Than I did the quest for the Crucible Knights. I saved the girl. Got the research notes. Turned it in and realized you get an awesome reward for it. So than went to the Dozens to try to screw them over. I accepted their quest and tried my hardest to ruin them. However this didn't entirely work instead I ended up as a Hero to them. So at this point I was a hero to the Dozens. I'm a Champion with the Knights. And I'm a Friend of the Doemenels. Now I went back to the Doemenels to see about getting my just rewards from them as well. Except they found the note from early in the game where I killed their would be robbers. And Instead of being praised for siding with them I was told I had to do their dirty work. So I said screw that. I went and turned them in to the neighbors next door. THAN I robbed the gem upstairs for myself. By the way there is nothing you can do with this gem after you beg the house owner for extra money and than rob him. The Doemenels think they've failed. And the guy no longer cares that you carry the very diamond he paid you and thanked you for saving. Now the Doemenels only talk about having failed and hence won't invite me to the hearings. The champions hate me even tho I'm their champion because I helped the Dozens. And the Dozens hate me because I'm a Knight lackey. Even tho all three of these factions I have very high reputation with. Worse yet. Lady Webb even with this patch still doesn't let me join her to enter the hearings. So the story is STILL stuck and I cannot continue the game. I did all those faction things as soon as I got ot the city. Theres over 35hours of game time since than. I would have to start so far back to fix this one bug. Please figure out a way to correct this bug for real. I'm really enjoying the game and would like to continue to do so.
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