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  1. That's simply an absurd, subjective and arbitrary place to draw the line between what is allowed and what isn't. What counts explored or deconstructed to you? To me? To someone on twitter looking for more followers? Unless you buy their story about missing it during the vetting (Just as they missed the gamebanshee.com advertisement and the numerous other not-lore-friendly) then they clearly thought it fit the "tone" of their game until a twitter dust-up - the only reason it's out now is to avoid offending the sensibilities of some people and that's censorship anyway you cut it. I dunno,
  2. The response to this from certain sides is absolutely unfair to Obsidian. That sucks. It really does. But frankly, this isn't about a rhyme. Look what this follows. Look what the same group of people are outraged over. A picture of a woman for promotional artwork. years old jokes. outfits. That Metroid being a women isn't well known enough. These are the people who have developers blacklisted. Who's moral compass is so skewed that they gleefully ruin peoples careers because of percieved slights that are not even true. People are not upset over the rhyme being change
  3. This change cost you a customer. I'm not sure if this post will even show up due to the moderation rules, but frankly... It's not the rhyme or it's removal exactly. It's that you caved. It's that you gave in to the censorship crowd. That you think humor, of any sort, should be off limits. This wasn't missed by vetting. This wasn't seen as an issue and now you are making excuses. Lionhead and it's picture. Dead or Alive. When is enough enough? When do fans stop being the ones defending you, and you start defending yourself? For me, as far as I'm concerned.. It's today.
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