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  1. I have a question. On the Kickstarter page it says that there were roughly 600 people who had that backer tier or higher. Now, I don't know what the outcome of any post-Kickstarter attempts at adding to the funds were, but how does something like this come about? I would have thought there was plenty of time to vet everything, so does this mean that there's MORE content that you didn't get a chance to vet? If so will we be seeing other changes in content or is this the only one? As a backer, I have to admit I'm pretty concerned about this now. As a backer, if there is some reason you
  2. You jumped the shark, Obsidian. You censored your own game at the whims of an internet lynchmob, led by an individual who had repeatedly called for killing all men. I'm extremely disappointed.
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