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  1. And you could also send Saeda to get eaten as well, pretty evil thing to do but oh well.
  2. The only person that you can send to get eaten is the Prisoners and Saeda, but if you already saved them, then you are out of luck, cause you are playing a good buy, and good guy do not sent people to get eaten. By the way its not needed to progress at all, it was just an evil thing that you could do. And you get a little power boost from being evil, but its totally not necessary to progress the story at all. And its not a bug. If you were playing as a evil character, you would have left the prisoners alone to be eaten by Icantha anyways.
  3. I know that you as an Reviewer has played many games, and probably has a system in which you rate games. But let me ask you one question, Did you enjoy the game, did the game brought the feeling of the 17 year old game back to your memories. Did it remind you of all the fun activities that you had when you were playing Baldur's gate back in the old days, and maybe even wanted to play those games again. In the gaming age where Graphics and open worlds and trees with leafs that blow in the virtual wind are all the rage, I believe that Pillars of Eternity did very very well. For a game that made me want to complete it and follow the story and learn the lore, its a 10 for me. Divinity Original Sin, Pillars of Eternity are starting to bring these games back to the Public eye, for years no one wanted to create games like the Baldur's Gate, but now another game is on the Horizon, Dungeon and Dragons Sword coast legends is also coming out. No game will ever be perfect, but if its a game that will possibly bring Baldur's Gate back to the world by having fans telling developers of the world that these kind of games will still earn you money. Then I applaud the Hype. Hype tells the Investors that this Genre is still alive, bring them back, tell us stories, people will still be willing to read ingame text. So Go Hype train, go loud, go the distance and give us Gamers more games to play.
  4. Once again... The game has a finite amount of exp so why have a level cap? It's not like games where you can grind for an infinite amount of time Please stop and listen to yourself, you are acting like every single person will be playing the way you do. Not every Player will be sneaking and unlocking every lock, find every quest do every single little thing that gives them that 1 extra exp. A game developer whom has a plan for your character that you created and reached level 12 to be imported into their sequel can not have a character that cheese the game by Soloing and gaining the bonus exp boost that probably gets you to level 15, therefore bypassing 3 levels of awesome new spells that you will get, new stats, new attributes that they might possibly put in their sequel. And then have Players like you , posting threats on how come their new game is so easy even on Hard or Path of the damned, because I am level 15 and I cheesed my way there but its not my fault, its the developers because you allow it to happen. Having a level cap of 12 allows everyone to start at the same point once the Sequel comes out. If you still don't understand, even with finite EXP available, not everyone will get all the Exp available, some people who played the game blind, at best they might only accumulate 75% of the ExP available. Then are you saying that by not exploring everything the Gamer should be punished?? Should all gamers play the game the same way, do I HAVE to explore everything , everywhere, who dictated that I have to explore everything everywhere to experience the game I bought like everyone else. Game developers have to assume that the majority will reach 75% , for those that reaches above it, they are more prepared for the fights, they have all the tools available for future encounters compared to those that isn't, but aren't punished other than having the fights lasts longer.
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