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  1. Fair points, and I agree in all of them. i`ts just that I love the game otherwise, always dreamed of a isometric handcrafted background 3d inhabitant rpg with a good story and non linear play if wanted, d&d style. I wish they had made the character tables very high to begin with, enough to last couple expansions, tweak and nerf/buff as expansions rolled out. And keep content last, but hey, there`s still time to fix. Hopefully more expansions will roll out and content to be balanced so that level cap can not be reached, it shouldnt be reached in the first place is my opinion. As it is R
  2. Hi, How about implementing an option for disabling level cap? I am stil on act2 (since release), refusing to continue without character development besides story progression. No mods for this either (updated atleast). Reading that level cap is only capping at 14 im guessing I wont progress beyond act2 anytime soon. Thanks
  3. I have encountered a bug in the quest getting sustenance for Aldheim. I released the captives in Icantha`s house long before I went to the tower where Aldheim wants sustenance. Now I am stuck as they do not reappear, so much for unlinear gameplay. Do I need this to progress ingame? I play solo, so it takes time getting around. Reloading will take me back 30 hours worth of gameplay. Fix: Get meat stew from Icantha through conversation option.
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