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  1. Originally they did have it printed out: That was when the hotfix first went out on GOG. If only to differentiate it between the initial patching I presumed? Do they really assign their own version numbers or reduce them to larger build numbers? Cheers for the patch good sirs and madams.
  2. I will admit I find it a tad odd and surprising to see that Obsidian chose to censor the limerick, seeing as how this is the company that produced Caesar's Legion and Durance. Both of them preach about how conflict or "fires" can make you stronger while burning away the weak and unworthy. With stories like that, you think they'd have a mentality of how the world is harsh and you need to be willing to face that some people can and will offend you, but you need to be able to carry on. But again I'm a realist and I'm sure this was a decision made (decision to even ask Firedorn) moreso in the interest of marketing. Companies are notorious for being a place for ideologies to die. Do you find it a tad bit odd that Christian Bale is not actually Batman or a serial killer? I find that analogy a little weak. He played a part that was handed to him. Obsidian wrote and constructed those things themselves. You're better at writing about concepts you're passionate about, so it's odd to see writings about "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" on one hand and then a desire to protect someone's feelers in the next. As I said though, the realist answer is of course that marketing would never allow such potential drama like that limerick existing post-complaint. I believe OddEgg's only point, allegorically put, was that Durance doesn't define or limit the capacities of Obsidian's creations in any way. I am curious however by your implication Longknife. Apologies if I am misconstruing or incorrect. Is Durance's overall philosophy reflective of his author's being? I don't believe Durance is any more representative of their thoughts than I do Thaos or Kana. I will agree that there's an undeniable connection between creator and creation. However, it isn't a one to one representation. As to regards of better marketing... possibly? Probably? It definitely strikes me as having merit.
  3. Not sure if you're serious or not. Regardless. Let's take that deep breath together. Inhale. One... Two... Three... Exhale. And again... Okay? I truly don't mean that to patronize you. I am actually concerned you are letting internet cats dancing across a keyboard affect your mood. Oh you weren't aware? That's all we are. Absolutely true. Cats somehow mashing out complete thoughts. Even this. So take this next bit with a grain of salt. You can not deny this is a triviality if it affects you so. It is a triviality relatively speaking. Claims of alleged insensitivity or obsequiousness have a way of building malign towers to better cast stones. But that is fine. Because you know triviality when you see it, but more importantly... the cats. Hope you feel better LordCrash. Sincerely, Detruncate
  4. Guys, come on. You knew the deal going in when you opted for GOG. Their patching process is dog slow. You can't whine about your choice now. Not really I'd hazard a guess that more people than not were unfamiliar with differences in the patching processes between the distribution systems Is it our fault for assuming no difference and not researching it ahead of time? Sure it is Something I will attest to. Pillars of Eternity represents my first "just out the door" purchase made through GOG. Until now I had only purchased nostalgic oddities from them. Curious but altogether blissfully unaware of patching via GOG. No matter. Hopefully the alterations discussed so far will eventually remove this preclusion and we can all play accordingly.
  5. We are currently working on a standalone patcher and hope to have it complete in the next couple of weeks. As a GOG owner, I much appreciate all of your team's effort in making such a delivery mechanism possible.
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