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  1. I created a list of unique shields in Deadfire similar to what was already there for armor and weapons. Someone else will have to add the link to the front page. Akola's Apex Ward is missing a thumbnail.
  2. At first glance, this actually doesn't seem bad at all. More complicated, but way better than OP's system. With this, I can see e.g. a wizard wanting each stat except Str. But one stat not being that useful for a given class is acceptable, I'd say. How about moving "+Offensive AoE" to Strength and for Intelligence use "-friendly fire AoE". In other words, STR would increase AoE size, at the cost of hitting friends. INT would not increase AoE size, but make a portion of AoE damage not hit friends, allowing for a more tactical application of AoE abilities -- similar to how it is currently
  3. Some options, maybe some ideas for mods: - Rename Might to what it's supposed to mean. Soul strength, Chi / Qi, Ferocity, ... Be consistent -- don't use it only for physical strength checks, but also for mental strength, if both are supposed to be the same. - Replace all Might checks with Athletics checks, as that would make much more sense with Might in its current form, or maybe a combination of Might and Athletics. So far all Might checks I've seen in dialogues or text adventures have really been checks for physical strength; mental strength was exclusively checked with Resolve.
  4. Ah, a good topic, even if it apparently has been discussed to death already? Well, if nothing major can be changed anymore because of reasons, I'm hoping that at least a mod will come out of this to address intuition issues. First of all, though, I commend Obsidian for having mostly succeeded in fulfilling their dream of a no-dumps stat system. I love what they have done to INT in particular -- making it more of a tactical application sort of stat, like AoE that avoids friends. I'm also pretty happy about most other main stats. However, I'm one of those who don't like the concept of Mi
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