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  1. Niice! All this sounds good to me. I'll definitly give it a shot. I'm at the point where I really need to choose a class and go on with it, whatever happens next! I've been re-rolling dozens of times and I'm pretty much done with the freaking introduction Like, I'm not sure I can take it anymore haha! I'll give it one last shot with this paly and hope that it will be THE ONE. Otherwise, I'll have to choose between Barb and Cipher. Those are the 2 other classes that looks the most fun to me. Being a min/maxer is like a gift and a curse...it can yield awesome results but is also a PITA to get there if it does not feel perfect right away. Thanks again for the input!
  2. Sup guys! I'm kinda new to the game so I'm looking for some advice (never got passed Raedric...). I want to build a high damage paladin. First of all, is it a good idea? Like, can they dish out nice damage in this game or are they catered as tanks? If the DPS route is a thing, what race/stats should I aim for when I roll my toon? On the other hand, if I'll be gimping myself as a DPS pally, maybe a high dps tank would be nice. A little bit of both world I've heard about a pally aura that can deal an insane amount of damage...sounds nice! I kinda want to min/max this playthrough. In my Baldur's Gate days, I could re-roll stats for hours until I got the "perfect" ones Kinda cheating but I dunno, it was satisfying for some reasons haha Big thanks. P.S. I'm running version 3.7 of the game BTW if it makes any difference.
  3. Sup guys! I've finally decided to give this game a go since I'm a big fan of the Baldur's Gate saga. Did all of them several times with different combos and stuff. I knew all the traps by heart at some point. That being said, I've toyed with a Monk and a paladin up until radric's Castle and I'm not really happy with those 2 class so far. I was a big fan of dual-wield barb back in Baldur's Gate so that's what I'll go for. I've read all the replies in this thread and already learned a big deal. A few points I would like to understand better though if anyone wants to help a fellow old-school RPG-er: - How fun would you rate barbs in this game? Fun being subjective but I'm curious - Still not sure about 2H vs DW. Is there a clear winner? Dual barbs were beasts in Baldur's Gate - Is it possible to solo 100% of the game with a barb? - Why would INT be important for barbs? That sounds weird to me :/ - On a more general note, apparently, the time of the month is and important factor regarding the loot table of chests? The ring of searing flames in Radric's castle being a good example. Is it this way for the whole game? I really like to explore and do 100% of every map but if it hinders my chances of getting nice loot that I won't be able to get anywhere else, that's pretty dumb if you ask me :/ I plan on doing my first playthrough in Story Mode, well for the story and know the game better before going on a more "hardcore" playthough. For now, the barb is the class that seems to fit me the most. Many thanks!
  4. I feel like I'm playing WoW again... This is exactly what's been going on in this game for 10 years basically But yeah in all seriousness, it can't stay that way. One can just enable cheats if one wants to insta-kill things knowm sayin'
  5. You really need to give monk a shot, 3 intel, 3 perception 19 con, 19 res, 18 dex, 16 might. I'm powering through i just got turning wheel which adds 5% fire dmg per wound, im hitting 20 damage with my fists lol, go full tank and always fight in a corner :D What type of armor are you using on your min-maxed Monk ?
  6. Allright I'll try that. Currently dual wielding 2 spears for accuracy bonus and I've noticed that I'm missing quite a lot with my Barbaric Blow...I have max DEX so I'm not sure what's going on...all I know is that its causing me to miss on quite a lot of damage. Thanks!
  7. I'm kind of torned between 2H and dual wield. What would be the pros/cons of 2H VS Dual wield and which would provide the highest Carnage damage ? It's kind of a big deal to me cause I want to focus on just one weapon spec. Thought I'd ask here instead of starting another thread on this topic. Thanks
  8. I think I've put the wrong title on my thread. It's more of a "Help needed" thread to: build a solid party as I'm sure what I intend to do is most likely not optimal, especially if I can't get enough wounds going on the monk build a solid min-maxed Pally tank Sorry if it was misleading :/ Edits: Thanks for the input Viper. Moon Godlike was definitly was I was aiming for. I just need a little more help on the stats.
  9. Hi guys, A bit of context: I'm new to PoE but I was a HUGE fan of the BG/IwD series, especially BG2. I've played it soo many times that I'm pretty sure I still remember where all the traps are I've been toying around for a good 8-10 hours re-rolling class and watching Youtube vids (especially Sensuki's) about each class and going through the startup up until Gilded Vale. My "class check" was the 3 NPC encounter holding the inn's cook and the bear in the cave in the area just before Gilded Vale. I've decided to roll a DPS Monk (still unsure about that) as my main and I pretty much steamrolled encounters up until the underground temple in Gilded. I've recruited the Wizard and did the temple with some degree of difficulty I must admit which was surprising (although fun) to me since I choose normal mode and I consider myself as a veteran in this type of games. I'm not sure how people can solo 4 shades whacking on them and manage to kill all 4 with a non-tank class. So long story short, instead of redoing some fights over and over until lucky crits, I've decided that it's time to bring a tank in. After some research, it looks like a Paladin tank would be best. I'm at a point where I either re-roll my main one last time or deal with what I've chosen. I plan on going with a party composed of a DPS Monk, Paladin tank, a rogue, a barb, a ranged Cipher and a Priest for healz. Now, what if I do the following: - Min-Max Pally tank for maximum aggro holding/deflection/auras - DPS Monk with high attack speed/interrupt - Rogue for some nasty single target damage - Barbarian with an AoE build to soften foes and roars - Cipher for some insane CC/utility and damage - Priest for them healz and whatnot Would it be crap or would it work decently ? As the title says, what would be the best possible Paladin tank build in this context? Big thanks guys
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