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  1. Disregard this, seems to have been a memory leak issue that resolved itself when I restarted the application
  2. I'm getting borders on windowed mode even tho I only have one screen (1920x1080) https://i.imgur.com/XuyfXyE.jpg
  3. If health/endurance is gone, health regeneration should also be removed. DnD's health system is better than the new wound system imo, although PoE's health/endurance was better.
  4. I vastly prefer the old system, there's no purpose for resting without health and spell slots. The new cast times also feel cumbersome and makes playing a spellsword a chore.
  5. In my current playthrough I'm an offensive greatsword fighter, and decided to respec Edér and give him Spectacular Spetum so he can still fulfill the tank role. It works really well, his stats are decent enough for offense and I can more or less just set and forget him on the frontline.
  6. So you want to hurt replayability because you can't cram everything into one playthrough? Really?
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