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  1. Well its called scouting not stealth so thats how, i assume, they get away with this awful mechanic. At times tho it feels like they are trying to extend thier game by forcing everyone to move slowly =P
  2. I disagree with the original post as all of his frustrations I have not encountered. I will say however to find traps and hidden objects you need to stay in constant stealth is bloody annoying. Let me detect in normal mode and stealth only when I need to, you know, stealth =P
  3. I hope you restart anytime you die and dont use save and load then otherwise you invalidate your claim. Simple way to make everyone happy, make the con system toggleable. The bestiary is there to give stats on creatures and limit grinding for xp as you fight the mobs. A con system is so you know if you should attempt to attack a mob.
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