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  1. Same issue here. Only started this playthrough because I wanted to play with the new content. I'm not playing through Act I and racing through some of Act II, all the while tip-toeing through the game in the HOPES that it will fix the issue. This is a possibly the most annoying bug I've ever encountered, mostly because I think this is the kind of thing that should be caught in testing (unike say, a hardware incompatibility or UI-related inconvenience.) I CAN'T PLAY THE GAME. in I don't want my money back. But I will never, ever purchase pre-release through Obsidian again.
  2. Hear hear. Except, I agree on the writing bashing part. Particulary this: This one facet of the game lead me to turn most of the dialogue into a clickfest where I'd save right before an expected diatribe, and then just memorize keyboard numbers until whatever one got me the last line I thought was best. I'm don't know whether there was anything interesting I missed because the dozen dialogues beforehand were so bereft of anything but overblown exposition that I became conditioned to expect them. I'm fine with reading a lot - but geezus every time you meet a character it's one
  3. Bah , domination is generally not so OP, IMHO. However, it's very annoying because in all my cases the first thing a dominated character does is switch to their 2nd weapon set. In some ways this is good - they wate time switching weapon sets and normally that set is far less powerful, so you don't dame a lot of damage from your own characters. But it is a pain in the rear to remember to set them back. I can't count the number of time I had Eder click on a guy and I wondered why he wasn't rushing into the fray - oh it's becasue he firing with that crappy bow he used when we were battling
  4. Exactly. That being said, they do get to cut out the middleman of the publisher. But I think the OP is a little confused as to how much money is needed to produce such a game with the publisher model, and therefore the complaints based on the comparison between the two are spurious at best. Obsidian did not make a sweet mint by cutting out a publisher and using kickstarter instead. It just pushed the money earned to the front of the publishing cycle instead of normally receiving it at the end.
  5. I wanted to tack on to these particular points, only having played halfway through the game. The Lore aspect (and I'm not talking about the Lore ability, but the general background for the game-world) felt unfocused. It was like everyone got a crack at picking out a deity, and named it by using a random-name generator, and there was a last ditch attempt to sew it all together by using a couple of suffixes and then when they realized the story was going to take place in a small corner of the actual game world, felt it best to make sure to mention all that lore in the first 5 minutes of p
  6. Here's your tip on that fight - talk with your main character, run quickly to the choke point.
  7. I want to continue on this line - I hate that feature in other games. Not because it's not a good feature, but because it really means "We can't render what long hair looks like under a helmet, so here is your option" But barring someone finally being able to render and mesh long hair that works under any headpiece, yes - I'd like this feature. The women-folk and their long hair under, say, the pirate hat make them look bald Back OT: Yes, helmets do nothing. Not even protect you in any meaningful way, so unless they have a bonus on them, they are useless. Why we can't enchant h
  8. "Here, take these"... .... take what, Mr. So glad I could help you from that monster who just attacked? I finally found the "The party has gained: XXX..." when I switched over to the combat mode, but why on earth are the item acquisitions in the combat dialogue box? Please, get that fixed ASAP. Items received needs to write out to the dialogue box, not the combat notes.
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