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  1. As far as I remember I killed everyone there after a dialog then you do the soul thing and bam next quests
  2. There is a white wurm I just can't tell you where on this forum that would be a spoiler
  3. she is almost right outside just below the lighthouse
  4. I think you are doing the quest to find her missing people? if so look in the crypt at the right side of the map top side
  5. I had problems with spirits early on then suddenly at lvl 7 ish (which is the lvl I was at doing that quest) they suddenly just sort of die to me no idea why, later I enchanted some of my gear with spirit slaying and that made them even easier
  6. So I did the Sanitarium quests and after I confronted that guy in the cell the entire sanitarium has become hostile and at the time I thought it was weird but ignored it but now I am going to sell some scepter thing to one of the animancers in the sanitarium but everyone is still hostile in there including the npc I need to sell this to. Is this a bug or did I just do something wrong?
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