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  1. In a completely curious tone: Why is engagement limit important if you're doing nonexistant damage? Are opponents less prone to change targets if the engagement is mutual, or is there some other benefit to engagement than the opportunity for disengagement attacks? Engagement allows you to "tie up" more enemies. The more incoming damage you manage to focus on the front rank tanks, the easier it is for the back row to dish out the damage. Well, as i've understood things at least
  2. Raedric's hold (or what its called) is not what becomes your stronghold Its slightly further into the story, just follow your main quest, and you'll get there soon.
  3. Hi all I seem to have gotten stuck on the quest "Never far from the queen". I tried to do some research on it before coming here, so i read through a couple of walkthrough's to see if i missed anything. I didn't find anything. Anyway..here is the problem. Enter the Woedica temple, using the hood you've found, etc etc.. done all that (although i had to bull (talk, not fight) my way past the guards, and im before the door that has chanting behind it. The "little" issue is that my PC is a godlike.. meaning i cannot wear headgear. Meaning i cannot put on the hood. Trying to put it
  4. Yup, same thing just happened to me. On my second character i decided to disable the tips, as i'd seen them all already. Big mistake...lol But yes, unselecting "Show In-Game Tutorials" in the options screen and restarting the game works.
  5. ah well.. the game is pre-loaded onto my comp.. only 14 or however many hours left until i can play it myself. As much as i want to watch streams, previews and the like, i am going to sit on my hands so i get to experience it all for myself But its going to be some looooong hours ahead *sigh*
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