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  1. Well I will never be a customer of Obsidian again, the "If we happened to miss content" answer seems like an excuse. I don't wish to be a customer anymore, and you clearly don't want me as a customer so when will Obsidian be providing refunds / returns to people who bought the game via Steam. SOE were nice enough to provide that when some H1Z1 customers felt their changes were too much, Obsidian should do the same.
  2. So will refunds be available through Steam now? that particular change was so minor but I have no wish to own a game where the material will change whenever someone gets offended.
  3. If the game gets changed on the basis of something this stupid I hope they start providing refunds, the game is great at the moment but no telling how many other people will get offended by the slightest thing and cause the content to change.
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