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  1. I don't think the Endless Paths passcode is a bug.... it's just because people a) Haven't yet learnt the language by finishing Hermit Hill, or b) Haven't spoken to both spirits.
  2. I can confirm the "brute force" work around. If you leave the Hold until you can steamroll it through the front door (ie ignore -and don't touch - the priest outfits) the crash conditions don't seem to trigger.
  3. I'm running on a 2013 Air through Bootcamp. Get an FPS of around 20ish. Because of the nature of the game - ie minimal movement on largely static backgrounds - if looks perfectly fine. It not the sort of game you'd gain radically more ummph by having a higher FPS - it's still a lot smoother than Baldur's Gate II was on a top of the line machine at the time! Until this thread, I hadn't even opened FRAPS to test it as it hadn't even occurred to me, which means it's pretty much perfectly playable. No idea about settings - I can't find anything to fiddle with in the graphics options, which means either it's doing it automatically or everyone gets the same vanilla settings. Playing on the native OS on the Air may differ, of course (I'm also using the latest Intel drivers).
  4. Apart from the Raedric's Hold bug, there seem to be very few widespread game-breaking bugs, so far. No more than, and probably less than, any complex maintream release.
  5. Design decisions are not "bugs". There's no item weight either. Is that a bug? You don't have to take your characters to the toilet ever few hours either. Bug?
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