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  1. I had the same question yesterday, especially since the strategy guide suggests 18, 15, 11, 8, 16, 7 (for both: two-handed and two weapon style). As it turned out everybody but the strategy guide seems to stress the importance of dexterity. So I ended up with (Aumau) 18, 10, 18, 8, 17, 7 and switching between both styles at which two weapons seemed much better working - mainly when he is soloing. I really did not (do not) understand how exactly attack speed actually works, but testing a barbarian with 18,15, 11, 8, 16, 7 against one with high dexterity (18) was a clear cut case: with high dex you will be much more successful (in the two first playing hours) whereas a barb with low dex is a helpless thing to watch (after Frenzy runs out). Maybe it all will change later in the game, but low-dex (11) barb felt odd (and couldn't solo the early groups [on hard]). So I went with what the forum told in the first place. What I still want to know: how important are perception and resolve offense-wise?
  2. I've started a new game. As far as I know there are *just* two bugs that affect everbody: save & load at the places where you've picked up characerters that are in your party - > their stats will get increased accordingly to what boni they've got on their gear double klicking items in the inventory deactivates passive boni So I'm playing without saving at the 'wrong' places and trying to avoid double klick in the inventory. Hm. This must be a damn fine game : )
  3. Thanks for your list. No. 1 did it for me: waiting for a patch now. My characters have compromised stats and I don't want to pay attention where I am 'allowed' to save...
  4. Unbelievable. I have to confirm this. Figured out that my Edér has earned himself a big stats boost thanks to his Ring of Protection and multiple save & load in Gilded Vale. Other stats / characters are most likely affected as well. Hmpf. This is at least fun breaking.
  5. I have to admit. Besides some obvious wrong wording / incorrect words there is something going on with the german translation that makes it stressful / unpleasant to read. I decided to go back to the english version as well. Even though I don't get the meaning of every word I do get a better overall sense of what's going on / the atmosphere. PoE is very 'technically' translated, it lacks personality and it does not 'flow' in a native speaker way. Is it on the whole even made by humans?
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