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  1. Maybe QA just used drag and drop? Honestly, I haven't used double click in the inventory in my whole 25 hours of time with the game yet. I just naturally use drag and drop. Maybe the same is true for the majority of the QA testers. Or maybe a fix for another bug/issue quite late in development and shortly before release caused this problem without anybody realizing it on time. Stuff like that can happen. It's of course sad and disappointing for those who are affected but it happens. This thread isn't about double click bug. Read again
  2. As a programmer, I know that the RPG this complex gotta have some bug. But the scope of this bug is surely make one wonder how can it pass internal testing.
  3. I've tested this method. It doesn't work for me. Still have Nr1 stats stacking bug.
  4. Programming wise, I think it is not difficult to fix retroactively. From what I observed, the base value is unaffected, but the bonus (different variable) got saved, and reapplied atop when loaded. So just clearing the bonus should fix it. The reason why it is only happen on recruiting map, if I have to guess, is that when loading a recruiting map, the game have to destroy the original companion object on the map and loaded the in-party clone, some how there must be an error in the process. May be loading equipped save data as nude data and reapplied the equipment bonus again.
  5. I noticed that even I edit main stats using console, there will still be some error. Eder should have base Perception 10, but I have to use console to give him 7 in order for him to have 10 Per. It seem the faulty bonus still stuck inside the data. This should make it easy for Dev to retroactively fix this.
  6. IE Mod can help using console without losing Steam achievement. http://rien-ici.com/iemod/console However, like itsame said, there is no command to edit secondary stats like endurance and deflection. I would gladly edit save file myself if somebody know how.
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