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  1. Who's to say that the Engwithans didn't just alter and hijack a natural occurring resurrection cycle? There had to be some existing framework that allowed them engineer it towards their own ends. To create a more peaceful existence, they created the Gods. Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked if the Engwithans that designed the gods had a some additional machinations in mind that they kept hidden those who proselytized the faith later. It wouldn't shock me that either the original designers or the gods themselves pulled the wool over Thaos' eyes for their own needs. Clearly the gods in PoEII, sans Eothas, seem to be far more worried about their own existence more than anything else. Maybe a gods are a small codrie of powerful Engiwthans who wished to increase their strength with souls, but had their minds altered by the process. Could a small part of the wheel given a small cadre of Engiwthans true immortality where their souls would not wither and they'd have full recollection? If the series is meant to be a trilogy, then I could see the final installment on how the kith had been hoodwinked. A few notice that some souls are coming back, while who haven't seen it that are wallowing in what they believe are their last lives, all while secret groups and the gods make their last plays to retain their power. I do feel like there is a reason for the plot railroading with the wheel being broken, as much as it feels like a bit of a downer to be far more of an observer.
  2. Thank you for sharing that thread. I was in the same position you where.
  3. I had a fair amount of PoE 1 play throughs, however only one of them is showed up in Deadfire. After I started a game in DF with the one PE save that worked, I could no longer find it when starting another game. Can PE saves only be used once and do all PE saves that DF imports have to have fully completed the game?
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