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  1. You might want to ask about that down at Holowan Labs. These forums aren't too full of modders. (With a few exceptions, but I'm not going into details.) Aside from that, this looks like "Rise of the Sith", Gsccc's storyline mod. Yes. If you want to help with "Rise of the Sith", PM Gsccc.
  2. Nice review. Music: Big improvement. Worth the download. Movies: Not worth it. BioWare's movies looked better even at 640x272. (Just my opinion! ) In fact, since you mentioned some of the files...
  3. Incase you haven't noticed, you might want to try that. (If not already.)
  4. Look, this bug is kind of getting beyond my expirence with PC's. I can work things out if it's hardware, but software... The other people here could try explainning this out for you, but the above suggestions is all I can give you. Sorry. EDIT: !(I overlooked something) which reminds me, you stated you're running the game on 1024x768 HIGH mode, you might want to turn that down to 800x600 low mode. This is a guaranteed safe mode for the game.
  5. If you haven't heard, TSLRP is a gourp of people named Team Gizka dedicated to restoring the cut content to what Obsidian Ent. really intended the game to be. The "Redemption" quest happens to be one of them. You might want to take a look at it here:The Sith Lords Restoration Project Be warned: Spoilers within if you haven't finished the game. Edit: a little fixy.
  6. For the rebooting: You may want to check the motherboard you're using. It could be your CPU (that is if you built your PC from scratch.) Though I'm not a computer expert... yet. ^_^ But I can tell you that from experience. That quest is bugged in the game itself and is currently being fixed by TSLRP.
  7. From what it looks like, it's still interlaced, and yup, stretched from the Xbox rendered types. (640x272) @Obsidian: What ever happened to the original renders?
  8. The music files that are still mono are mus_a_801 so far and they're not 22kHz. They are just what windows displays in the summery. Open it with winamp and look at it. I'll join you... (Edit: Nevermind.) GIVE IT A BUG FIX!!!
  9. Well, Eisu, looks like you've been busy. Good sketches BTW. @Carthpic:
  10. The HQ patches are out, my head is spinning, I can't get the patch because I still have F. in' 56K (those patches are HUGE) and this is a really bad time to ask this. Just got Republic Commando and while peeking through the music files in that game and I come upon what sounds like music straight from KotOR . For anyone who owns Republic Commando the files are: Any thing named "anticipation.ogg" cog-base-idle1.ogg cog-base-idle2.ogg uw1.ogg uw2.ogg uw-action-1.ogg UW-Ambient1.ogg Also notice that I'll be asking this question at Team Giska's forums and LucasFourms as well, so for those who already answered on one of the threads, don't post the same answer here. To make it easier to identify, a preview of one of them has been posted, HOWEVER, if this lands me with a sue from the Dev's or from LA, it's comin' off. (as a reason for just the 18 seconds, I'd rather not take a risk of being sued for posting a full song these boards. :ph34r: ) Thanx for taking the time to read this.
  11. My patiance has finally paid off. :D :D :D 1. Crap 2. Don't let windows deceive you. The. wav
  12. That's why I'm waiting for TSLRP. :D Music is just half the xp. However, I couldn't really care about the movies.
  13. Raped indeed. What LucasArts has done was take advantage of a new company dedicated to high quality gaming and gave them nine months (I assume) to finish K2, stripping it (and it's predecessor) of all it's promised glory! Looking at the cut content, it would have taken more than nine months to finish a great looking sequel. But, yes, it's also Obsidians fault for putting themselves in that position. Let's just hope that patch is out by the end of this month. (I seriously doubt it though.) <_<
  14. You're confusing me. I though that was mus_kreiadark playing while you landed on Korriban.
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