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  1. GOG servers are fubar. We can't download the patch since yesterday.
  2. Yeah sure, but did you read what Obsidian changed the joke to? It basically mocked the person complaining how horrible it was. Personally, I think it was a brilliant move . Cool, I haven't seen it. I think this person is pretty pathetic. If these are the kinds of things that get her outraged in life then she must have a pretty sweet life. Getting mad about a bloody limerick in a fictional game in a fictional universe is really the best thing to get pissed about right? All these Wars and bankers sucking the economy dry are just pathetic in comparison to a LIMERICK. RIGHT? /S
  3. Haven't read the thread but the bottom line is this Obsidian. Without the backers you would not have created this game. You should respect them and their wishes rather than a bloody internet moron. Your backers EARNED the right to have this stuff in the game, THIS troll has NO SAY.
  4. Hope you guys get your keys soon! I'm looking forward to the game.
  5. Probably maintenance, usually only 10mins or so. It occurs on tuesdays.
  6. There's no way I can buy the game and get to play once you guys can?
  7. I'm kicking myself that I didn't back this now. Baldur's Gate is my all time favourite RPG. I hope PoE can match that.
  8. Zack Fair, Do you have the keys right now and if I buy one can I play immediately?
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