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  1. How would you feel if gaming companies made characters in an attempt to appeal to people who never have played video games? For example Bioware could gave us a girly female knight with a feminine hairstyle and personality but yet is physically strong and fearless in battle? She also likes stuffed animals and cosmetics but yet is skilled with a sword. This character would be aimed at the sorority and cheerleader type females at American schools and colleges. Do you think such a character would be stupid and unrealistic?
  2. Should he loosen up and play a video game?
  3. Why don't American video game developers make games with awesome storylines, settings, and memorable characters? If you look at games that are pushing this medium at least in the area of storytelling like Horizon Zero Dawn, Life is Strange, The Witcher, and Mass Effect is that they are not developed in America. Horizon in the Netherlands, Life is Strange in France, Zelda in Japan, The Witcher in Poland, and Mass Effect in Canada. Why aren't there any games like that developed in America? Are there not enough Americans becoming game developers? Are American game developers less risk averse? Are American video game writers less creative? Would you like to see Disney or Microsoft open a game studio based on pushing the storytelling aspects of video games? Disney did make movies aimed at an older audience and and even an M rated video game called Turok under the Touchstone label. If Disney is going to make games I would hope they would choose a cooler and more memorable name for their studio. Is the game industry too crowded for another Bioware or CD Projekt Red? I hope Bioware creates another universe, characters, and story after Anthem and Dragon Age 4!
  4. http://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/privileged-rich-girls-summer-camp So those rich parents brought their rich daughters to a summer camp that is conservative. In your experience do the rich people have conservative views regarding their wives and daughters. I think they suck! If I was a rich young woman who had beauty, intelligence, and athleticism I would want to have sex with any man I want at any time! I would travel the world! I would complete college and rise up through the ranks of an multinational corporation! I would use my wealth for the extra contraceptives and world travel.
  5. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/white-wealthy-communities-forming-school-districts/ I believe this a threat to national unity! Americans must see themselves as Americans first! Not rich or poor! Not white or black! Any school that does this is a traitor to America!
  6. The NYT ran an article about how TV viewers reflect our cultural differences. Urban viewers preferred Modern Family while rural people preferred Duck Dynasty and The Walking Dead. NCIS is also big among conservatives. A TV genre that is dead is space opera! You probably don't remember Babylon 5 or BSG! What would the liberals and conservatives think about a show with about a badass All American military spaceship commander with a cool looking military spaceship with all sorts of cool weapons and his badass crew. All of humanity is united under freedom, democracy, and human rights! Cool technology would revolutionize entertainment and sports. There is still religion but they are far less dogmatic, misogynistic, and anti intellectual. There are cool looking aliens! The Human Alliance military acts as the galaxy's police force. In one episode the military commander stops a group of alien terrorists from ramming an asteroid into a human colony. Would liberals think it is imperialist propaganda? Would conservatives think that since Jesus would come back to bring God's Kingdom before such a future can be achieved make them think such a future is ridiculous? Are the sci fi fans in your life liberal or conservative?
  7. One of gaming's most well known villains narrating a documentary warning about video game violence.
  8. How would you feel if they made a teen show where the prettiest most popular girl is a chubby girl. She is rich and has a huge appetite for chocolate and sex. She also makes fun of girls she thinks are flat chested and ugly. She brags that she is the prettiest girl in the school and in every episode they show her eating a lot of sugary and sweet foods before making out with one of her boyfriends. She is the antagonist of the show. The hero is a mousy nerdy girl who ends up humiliating the fat pretty rich popular girl. Would SJWs be pissed because they made a fat girl a villain?
  9. and they chose her to play the popular cheerleader Dana and allowed her to stay at her current weight? In the Life is Strange movie Dana is plump but still a popular cheerleader. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLnu0MDLbvI Would people call it SJW trash?
  10. Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna be sick! Culture video game please! Use of Weapons was badass!
  11. A teen transfers to this high income area school. He is Caucasian and comes from a middle class politically center left military family. His father is a fighter pilot who supports Bernie Sanders. He is really idealistic, intelligent, and athletic. His character is inspired by Captain America, Commander Shepard, Babylon 5's John Sheridan, and Ender Wiggin. He is a member of a military cadet program like JROTC that meets off campus. There is a presidential election going on with candidates similar to Clinton and Trump. He speaks out against the Trump like candidate but stops short of supporting the Clinton like candidate. The popular students and even some of the faculty terrorize the American Muslim students with the rest of the student body and rest of the teachers either too scared or too apathetic to do something. Our brave military cadet sees a group of male jocks and preps telling a minority student to go back to their county. He stands up to them and wins. He tells them we are all Americans. Our brave military cadet inspires the school and rest of the teachers to fight against the bullying and in the end the bullies lose their power. The bullies are taught to fear the might of American unity and patriotism. After graduation he gets an appointment to Westpoint and is chosen to be part of an elite military unit. His actions in a combat zone earns him the Medal of Honor.
  12. There should be more sci fi RPGs! There are a lot of awesome sci fi novels to get lots of good ideas from. KOTOR 3 would be awesome!
  13. Why is TV mostly comprised of sitcoms, police procedurals, medical shows, and reality shows? Do most people lack imagination? I wish there was more sci fi and fantasy. Does childhood and our education system kill off imagination? TV could sure use more spaceships and sword fights. You can thank games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Knights of the Old Republic, and The Eldar Scrolls V: Skyrim for that. I used to be a typical FPS gamer who only played Call of Duty. Several years ago. A friend begged me to play Mass Effect. A few years later I got tired of FPS and finally decided to check out Mass Effect. I was hooked from the get go. The sense of scale, the action, the adventure, the characters. I loved it! I was left begging for a TV show with awesome characters, adventure, and epic space battles.
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