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  1. No one would mind any of these game being made but the issue is, appart from pillars 2 (which I guess is surely happening and of course it should be), why bother with franchises such as starwars,vampire,fallout etc. anymore? I think people have made it very clear here as well as in older threads (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66478-next-obsidian-kickstarter/) that they want more of what obsidian does best in an new/alternative setting. The steam punk world of Arcanum comes up a lot for that reason. Why not a spiritual successor to that (like inXile is doing with Torment) instead of any diret sequel. Obsidian found it's foothold with Pillars and we expect them to go forward in surprising and exiting directions, not back to making sequels and spinoffs.
  2. I was playing Mark of the ninja, Xenonauts and re-plyaing TW Medieval 2 but when I got wasteland 2, it's all I play. Despite all the technical issues , bugs (even with the third patch it still crashes alot) and imperfections it still got me addicted. This should be a big concern to people using the unity engine, it seems to suck my pc dry for no apparent reason. now and then when I feel like shooting someone myself I play Warface and Blacklight retribution although since W2 I dont seem to find any time Let's hope PoE will be as fun!
  3. So many good suggestions here! I would love to see another crpg set in either Dark Sun, The strange, Accursed enviroments or an Arcanum-ish one. I have seen enough forgoten realms and lightblazers in my lifetime (not that they ever get old).
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