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  1. No one would mind any of these game being made but the issue is, appart from pillars 2 (which I guess is surely happening and of course it should be), why bother with franchises such as starwars,vampire,fallout etc. anymore? I think people have made it very clear here as well as in older threads (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66478-next-obsidian-kickstarter/) that they want more of what obsidian does best in an new/alternative setting. The steam punk world of Arcanum comes up a lot for that reason. Why not a spiritual successor to that (like inXile is doing with Torment) instead of
  2. I was playing Mark of the ninja, Xenonauts and re-plyaing TW Medieval 2 but when I got wasteland 2, it's all I play. Despite all the technical issues , bugs (even with the third patch it still crashes alot) and imperfections it still got me addicted. This should be a big concern to people using the unity engine, it seems to suck my pc dry for no apparent reason. now and then when I feel like shooting someone myself I play Warface and Blacklight retribution although since W2 I dont seem to find any time Let's hope PoE will be as fun!
  3. So many good suggestions here! I would love to see another crpg set in either Dark Sun, The strange, Accursed enviroments or an Arcanum-ish one. I have seen enough forgoten realms and lightblazers in my lifetime (not that they ever get old).
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