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  1. Signed. Thanks Obsidian and backers. I knew about the game too late to kickstart it, but never will happen again
  2. Hello. First, thanks for this game Obsidian. Im enjoying my first playthrough like lots of years ago I used to do with BG ,BG2 etc... But Ive not figured if there's any way to define the lead character. I mean, when you select all, I dont know exactly how's defined the character who's going to interact. (talking, opening doors,etc). I prefer my PC to this, but looks random the character that step forward to make an action when you click Is there any way? Thanks!
  3. As an old BG/BG2/Icewind/Planetscape loyal fan I can only say: THANKS thanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanks for this to the Obsidian team. Too many years and games have passed since that good old days. Its time to bed, tomorrow I have to work, but I have the feeling that I should stay till 5 in the morning playing this jewel. But as a good wine I'll enjoy it little by little. I didnt get in the kickstarter because when I heard of the game it was too late. Shame. Never will happen again guys. Gn
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