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  1. Please don't "just" increase the amount of mobs. This is not what makes combat more fun or difficult... just tedious. +1000 !!! I'm totally agree with this. To increase difficulty, do no just increase the number of ennemies. 1. Increase the use of ennemies' abilities. 2. Increase the use of ennemies' afflictions. 3. Increase ennemies' damages & defenses.
  2. When we have 1 available AP, we can put in any type you want ? (Passive or Active)
  3. Waouh .. it is very A LOT !!! I mean, for example if i make a single class Rogue (https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Rogue+Abilities) with 28 points, for only 9 PL, i can easily take anything that is interesting without having a constraint or a difficult choice to make.
  4. Hi everybody, I've got a question. How many total abilities points at level 20 we will have ? Single class : 20 AP (Passive, Active or Modal) ?? MultiClass : 10 AP (Passive, Active or Modal) ?? I know that, Single Class will access 9th Ability Level, and Multiclass 6th Ability Level. Sorry but I have not found any clear information !! I would like to plan my build, so thank you for your answers. Thanks
  5. Yes it is - here is their official message to backers. Ok it's good to polish the game... But unfortunately, it is not impossible that the extend once again. And i think it's a little bit perverse.
  6. It's really difficult to compare POE, The Witcher and Fallout. I think that is not possible. And i prefer POE, so far.. WTF ? ^^
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