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  1. That's only when you get money as a gift. I didn't this year. There's always next year!
  2. Dual sabers. 1 silver, 1 viridian. That's what I usually do when playing through KOTOR 2.
  3. Hey I was wondering, what build will be made public? I assume 1.0, but you never know . I've had programs and games released and then patched to 1.0. Thanks and thanks for undertaking such a huge project. I'm sure it will own (too bad about no Xbox version, understandable though with the legal issues with modding consoles.) I'll just buy a PC version for $20.
  4. There's no way to access the sublevel that I know of. K2 is known for cut content, but maybe Bioware couldn't fit everything they wanted as well in K1.
  5. I wish I could get a FX lightsaber. I'm too poor because of the holidays unfortunately.
  6. You could always just run around chucking grenades at them. I had to do that during my first playthrough because I neglected Atton (and all other lightsiders). Only later did I learn to skillfully turn them to the darkside (when I found the influence guide on gamefaqs.com)
  7. Peragus sucked. You had to run around in your underwear for 20 minutes. Then you got a crappy looking miner's outfit. And there was practically no one else to interact with. Boring gameplay if you ask me. At least the rest of the game was better.
  8. Darth Bandon is definitely the weakest Jedi/Sith. He should be on the list. I owned him so many time in K1 during my different playthroughs. Malak should have chosen a better apprentice.
  9. I say wait cause Revolution is gonna come out around this Thanksgiving at around $200 and will be backwards compatible with Gamecube. Plus you'll be able to download and play old Nintendo games. GO ROGUE SQUADRON!
  10. For me, any of the Fire Emblem games on the hardest difficulty without losing any characters and playing with some of the worst characters in the game. Then again, I'm obsessed with FE games.
  11. NEED HELP! I have the Xbox version of KOTOR 2. After the final fight, maybe the 2nd to final fight, with the handmaidens on telos. My party members, Kreia and Bao-Dur, left the party and just stood there. I could not talk to them. After leaving Telos, I try to talk to them with my characters but can't. But if I use them to talk to me it works. HELP!
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