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  1. Would it be a worthwile fix to make all elemental - mundane dual damage type weapons have the elemental damage type as the first (like Bittercut)? This way they would all benefit from the elemental talents. An incomplete list would be: Durance's Staff Curoc's Brand Stormcaller * Bittercut * (* should already have the elemental damage type first) A few of the summoned weapon probably have the elemental damage type second
  2. I am trying to build the Devil of Caroc into a Riposte Rogue Tank. My main concern here is keeping the micro pretty low, ideally guiding the first strike, switching weapons and then letting the AI take care of most of the fight. As such the build avoids the micro intensive -albeit very effective- disengagement focus. Talents and Abilities LVL1 Blinding Strike (auto) LVL2 Veteran's Recovery LVL3 Dirty Fighting LVL4 Vicious Fighting LVL5 Reckless Assault LVL6 Deflecting Assault LVL7 Riposte LVL8 Weapon and Shield Style LVL9 Deep Wounds LVL10 Weapon Focus: Ruffian LVL11 Deathblows LVL12 Penetrating Shot LVL13 Crippling Strike / Withering Strike / Sap LVL14 Cautious Attack / Superior Deflection / Prestidigitator Missiles / any defensive / Runner's Wounding Shot LVL15 Crippling Strike / Withering Strike / Sap LVL16 Cautious Attack / Superior Deflection / Prestidigitator Missiles / any defensive / Runner's Wounding Shot Equipment: Head: Executioner's Hood / Lavender Wreath / Tempered Helm / Azalin's Helmet Neck: Mantle of the Excavator (for the Perception Boost) Gloves: Rabbit Fur Gloves / Ryona's Vambraces / Glittering Gauntlets Belt: Binding Rope Feet: Glanfathan Stalking Boots / Viettro's Formal Footwear / ??? Ring 1: Ring of Protection Ring 2: Ring of Deflection Weapon set 1: Silver Flash Weapon set 2: Nightshroud and Badgradr's Barricade The build has quite a few interlocking parts which make me question what would be the best (or at least the least bugged) path to take. 1) Do Glittering Gauntlets on the defense, Binding Rope and Lavender Wreath stack? If they do not stack Binding Rope is the best choice here as it retaliates a Sneak Attack-able condition to attackers. 2) If I was still set on using both Glittering Gauntlets and Binding Rope, would Dazed from gauntlets on the offense trigger? Which defensive retaliatin would get suppressed (Dazed from gauntlets, Stuck from Binding Rope or both) 3) Am I missing some more effective choices in footwear? 4) I am defaulting rings to Protection and Deflection, is there any more viable choice? 5) One of the ideas I had was using Silver Flash + Withering Strike or Runner's or Crippling Strike or Sap in order to get an opponent to two Sneak Attack-able conditions for deathblows, switch to Weapon and Shield and finish him with a scroll or Prestidigitator's Missiles. Is Prestidigitator's too weak for the intended purpose? Is there any other viable ranged weapon that grants or allows for Sneak Attack-able conditions to consider? 6) Both the main weapon, the shield and Thrust of Tattered Veil deal bashing damage. Am I better off with another main weapon? Nightshroud is pretty synergistic with Blinded from abilities, itself and Silver Flash Thank you for your time
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