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  1. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!! KOTOR2's ending being cut was an inside job!!!
  2. Okay, cool, I'm glad to hear that I can safely dump con without making a monk too easy to kill. That seems a little counterintuitive on a class that's all about taking damage, but as long as he can survive long enough to use those wounds, I'm fine with that! Now I just need to decide whether I want to dump dex and go sword and board, or keep it and go with fists and/or two weapons. Fists/two weapons seems more thematically appropriate, but the rest of my stats will be a bit lower. Do you think m16 c8 d16 p14 i12 r12 would be enough? I know I won't be able to max out anything that way,
  3. Yeah, "respectable" is about the best I'm expecting. I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that if I build to get all the conversation options, I'm going to have to take a hit somewhere. If I build a tanky monk with the stats you're describing, should I actually USE him as the main tank, or run him in just after the main tank the way a lot of other monk threads are suggesting? And am I safe to leave con at 10, or should I be pumping a few points into that as well? And just how far in do I need to get before I start getting items I can use to buff my stats? I'm wondering if 12 in ever
  4. Hi all! I've been eagerly awaiting this game since the second the Kickstarter was announced, but when it finally released it was at a time where I was just too busy to properly devote the necessary time to playing it. Now that I do have a bit of time on my hands, I'm having the hardest time figuring out what sort of main character I want to create. I always have this problem in games, but in this one it's even worse that usual. I've been wracking my brain for a few days now, and still haven't even managed to get past the character creation screen! Right now I'm leaning toward Monk o
  5. Just wanted to say thanks for getting my title changed! *spirits it away in some vault somewhere to keep forever and ever, even after he's forgotten where it was* Other than that, I just wanted to chime in that I'm all for keeping membership open until Paypal is closed too. Not that my opinion on the matter really makes a difference, or anything, but it just seems to make sense.
  6. So, I was at work when I found out about this, and the kickstarter was just about to end, so I threw up my last-minute 8 bucks and made my forum posts here REALLY quickly. I didn't even notice that the member list was RIGHT THERE at the beginning of the thread, under a spoiler alert, so I made a post asking if the name I wanted (Simple Tailor of the Obsidian Order) was already taken. Now that I've actually got time to read the thread, it seems that it was! (Well, technically the one that was already taken was "Plain, Simple Tailor" but the idea was basically the same...) Sorry about that!
  7. Obsidian Order kind of is one too Well, yeah, that's kind of why I was worried that someone else might have already taken the title. It's a fairly obvious joke! One other request, though. (Sorry to throw this in last minute!) Provided that title is still unused, of course, could you put the "simple tailor" part in quotes? So, it would be: Vorkon - "Simple Tailor" of the Obsidian Order It works much better that way, I think! Of course, if somebody's already taken it, I'm fine with just a simple "of the Obsidian Order" title, quotes or no. I just saw it as a good excuse
  8. Just added the 8 dollars to my pledge! If nobody has something similar yet, I'd like to be the "Simple Tailor of the Obsidian Order." (That's a Star Trek DS9 joke, if you couldn't tell.) Haven't changed my name on Kickstarter yet. I need to wait for the name to get approved here first, right?
  9. HK has this one feat available called "droid interface," which claims to allow him to communicate with droids that do not speak a sentient language. What does this feat do, and should I bother getting it? Thanks in advance.
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