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  1. With the Steam release and everything, I'm sure the Obsidian guys are quite busy, so I want to make clear I'm NOT looking for a response from them. I'm sure they'll get to use eventually and there's no rush. That being said, I'm just curious if anyone has had their rewards updated yet, as I have not.
  2. I got the wrong rewards for sure. I got rewarded for having a level 1 character. I'm not 100% sure what my character's levels were, but I know I had two somewhere near 20 (as my goal was to get them to 21 to get that tier of rewards). I'm not 100% sure I made it there, so yeah, I don't remember exact what level my guys were, but they certainly weren't level 1. PFID-ABEC895F5544691E
  3. They have already started talking about 1.5? Links to these posts?
  4. in my game, it was increasing the amount by the stated value, not the actual value.
  5. Yeah, this is a HUGE problem with the current buff/debuff system. Basically, one of your characters gets charmed/dominated for a long time (10+ seconds) and it's basically all over. Sure, you can cast a 6th level priest spell (and, AFAIK) literally nothing else, to help protect against it, and there are some VERY minor bonuses against it you can get if you feel like sacrificing an entire talent. But seriously, all it takes is one lucky roll from a high level enemy and suddenly you have no AoE cause they charmed your druid/wizard. Suddenly your tank is no longer guarding your squishies and all
  6. So I am about to fight some guys that like to charm. I've tried the fight once and noticed that my Wizard LOVES to get charmed even with Prayer Against Treachery running. And Suppress Affliction doesn't work on my Wizard, cause he's now an foe and the friendly AoE of Suppress Affliction doesn't work on foes (a HUGE problem, IMO, with the way the game handles spells, but that's a topic for another thread). So I'm like, **** it, I'll throw up Suppress Affliction BEFORE he gets charmed. He'll get charmed, but the affliction will be suppressed cause he already has the spell running...but NOPE! For
  7. I am running a Hearth Orlan priest of Skaen right now. He's gone full melee at this point, with all his talents dedicated to making him better at stabbing things. It's nice, because he's right up close anyway, so when he needs to cast a spell, for whatever reason, he's right where he needs to be. Also, he does pretty awesome damage with stiletto/club combo (Oidhreacht and Dial Ewn Dibata at the moment). Sided with the Doemenels and was pleasantly surprised to see more crit damage multiplier, so now I'm trying to decide if, now that I have access to the stuff in Twin Elms, go double club or dou
  8. So if you stick, a stack of items into the trade window (say 5 lockpicks), and you remove some of the lockpicks from the trade window, but not all from the stack, the value of the trade does not go down, and you get the full value, even though you aren't selling the full stack. In other words, each lockpick is worth 12 coppers. So 5 of them are worth 60 coppers. If you stick 5 lockpicks in a single stack into a trade window and press the Trade button, you will receive 60 coppers. If, instead, you take 4 lockpicks back out of the trade window and then press the Trade button, you will still get
  9. This is 100% a thing. Lost two summon items (the little tokens that summon stuff and are super rare and expensive) and a BUNCH of scrolls before I realized what was happening...
  10. This may or may not be the truth. We don't have any way to know for sure. We can either take the Backer at his word and call it a day until Obsidian asks for more money for something else, or we can fight a lost cause in the name of someone who isn't interested in fight anymore. This one's done, for now, but again, next time Obsidian comes calling for cash, well, I got a loooooooooong memory...
  11. So apparently the backer is fine with things the way they are. Fine. This is the last I'll mention it. But I'll be taking a good hard look at who's involved with any future projects Obsidian may or may not produce. Some people, who I was very unsure of to begin with, have lost any trust I had in them previously because of their actions during this whole fiasco. And if they're involved, well, I can't be sure my money's actually going towards a good project that's going to be what it's supposed to be or not. To the Devs, you got a traitor in your midst, selling you out to a bunch of moral reac
  12. From what people have been saying on other threads, it seems that a new game is required to get the new stats if you've already recruited someone.
  13. I don't think I'm really qualified to give you scores, but you might reconsider the "No scores lower than 10" thing. A 9 or an 8 isn't really "min/maxing" but can add flavor to the character (so and so is slightly less intelligent than average or slightly less hardy, etc).
  14. So far it seems like people are seeing little to no changes to companion stats...sadface...that was the thing I was most hoping for.
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