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  1. Thanks for sharing the update. I think I'll postpone playing further until it's patched. Do you know if we can expect the disappeared weapons to return with the fix or are they gone forever?
  2. I think I have the same problem, only noticed now. I thought that something was not quite right but attributed it to lapses of memory or merchant misclicks. Now I looted the souldbound 2H weapon, stashed as usual. Went to town for resupply and wanted to check it and give to Pallegina. Alas, the sword is nowhere to be found. Savegame link below, it's the quicksave with the newest time stamp (rest are uploads for different issue). https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2zq1BH5JRHffnNUQ191TmZvLXZzRkFjYjFlbWhCV21maVQ3TUMtSHJlSWdFc3RFSlBiV2M&usp=sharing
  3. Two more findings: You can fix the problem by having a custom char respecced. Thank god for this. It seems the speed can go both ways, one of my pets now actually moves faster than the rest while in stealth (and it's not caused by the others suffering from slowness, it moves faster than PCs as well).
  4. Hello, I added a couple of save games to the google drive folder. I had two pets not moving in stealth and one move slower after a battle with Metzla. I noticed it right after the battle, saved and reloaded, tried again. After that only Itumak is slowed and the rest are fine. You can find a save before the battle where pets are OK and both saves after different pet outcomes. Hope this helps.
  5. One of my rangers' pets stops moving in stealth mode. Send pet somewhere, pet goes. Enter stealth mode, pet stops moving. Drop stealth, pet resumes movement. Every other char and pet continues moving normally in stealth. I run 4 rangers and currently also Sagani. Other 4 pets are fine, 1 is misbehaving, Duk's pet. This was happening before 2.0. Was hoping it will be fixed in 2.0 so I waited a few days but the issue persists in 2.0 as well. I tried removing from party and readding, changing formations and so on but doesn't help. It is super annoying as I always move in stealth as default as I believe everyone does in new areas. Savegame, output_log, dxdiag: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2zq1BH5JRHffnNUQ191TmZvLXZzRkFjYjFlbWhCV21maVQ3TUMtSHJlSWdFc3RFSlBiV2M&usp=sharing
  6. Hello, same issue here, files attached. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  7. I am playing on a 21:9 monitor, graphically everything is fine but sound wise it seems as if the game considered the side areas beyond I guess a 16:9 crop to be off-screen and mutes the sounds. Let's say I am fighting near the edge of the map, there are no or very muted sounds. Some cut scenes (ie the Duc hearing) have the same issue, dubbed NPCs near the edge of the screen being very quiet or mute.
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