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  1. Will this be available as part of the final mod when it is done. I'm just afraid if I don't download it now, I won't be able to download it later if no seeds or whatever are available. (I'm fairly uninformed about bittorrent.)
  2. None have responded As we stated here the progress bars apply only to the individual modules and cannot be averaged accurately (hence the absence of a "Total Percentage Complete" bar). As for whether people will move on-that's their decision. We'll continue to toil in hopes of achieving some semblance of the original vision for those that are interested. If that happens to be only us-so be it <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i guarantee it won't just be you all. I've played the game through once, and I won't play it again until this mod is done. I'm doing that specifically not to become burnt out on the game before it is "done." Thanks again to you all on the team for your continued hard work
  3. Crazy Joe, Have you received any reply regarding your inquiry about the patch?
  4. Yes, particularly when I have to kill my companions.
  5. LOL yeah me too. I'm waiting to do another playthough with the high rez patch. I check just about every day, and am let down every day. I get a little depressed for a couple minutes, turn to my X Box, and kick up Jade Empire. By the time I hit start I feel a whole lot better. :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Same here. This is sad because I'm not sure that this is Obsidian's fault, but it is affecting my opinion of them and I'm not going to buy NWN2 until I hear it is bug free and receiving good reviews from people I trust.
  6. There is no "content" patch in which parts of the game's plot are restored. There is only going to be a patch that improves the movies and audio. That is content they are talking about. Hopefully, there will also be patches to fix the remaining bugs, but quite frankly I've lost faith in Obsidian and Lucas Arts.
  7. There is no need to apologize. I'm anxious to play a completed game (or at least much more complete than now), but I realize that you are all doing this in your "free time." You are doing this without any material reward, and you are generously sharing it with the community. Thank you all for your work on this project.
  8. This may be true, but this shoddy treatment is going to cost them customers for KOTOR III. I'm not going to buy KOTOR III unless, I hear that it is essentially bug free, because of the horrible technical support on this game.
  9. I've never played the game despite getting it as a gift back in Febuary because I was waiting for the patch. Once, the music/video patch comes out, I will play it once because I do want to see it as is, so I can compare it to what it becomes once the restoration project is done. Hopefully, by the time I beat it once, the resotration project will be close to completion
  10. I'm as disappointed with the lack of a patch as anyone. However, spamming the same message over and over only makes you look bad. It doesn't help at all.
  11. Do you mean the "party members team up to fight Traya, get horribly beaten" part? If so, then yes. If we finish up before the patch is released, we'll go ahead and release anyway: but I'm really hoping that the patch comes out soon. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I got this game for Valentine's day (I have a GREAT wife) and have been waiting for a patch to open it. I was planning on attemptng to return it if the patch didn't come out or it was highly unsatisfactory. This news is so good that I specifically registered for the forum (been a longtime lurker) to say, Thank you for doing this project! Thanks so much. I can't wait to see the results.
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