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  1. You guys are hilarious!!!!!! (w00t) If I was drinking milk I would have snorted it by now. Pity I am drinking beer.... Anyway, everyone knows that Origin are doing KotOR III. On a lighter side (and no viruses) have you seen this? Gamespot "
  2. This is a plea for anyone who has seen the King Kong trailer and knows where the music comes from to enlighten me. I am talking about the music "flurry" at the end with the fast paced montage (we need a montage...). I have heard this music used in a alot of trailers lately (also in one of the trailers for the Fantastic Four), but need (and I do mean NEED) to know where it comes from so I can go buy it! Please let me know!!!!!!! (w00t)
  3. Huh, I don't understand. I played through the game as a LS male and after my fight with Kreia the cutscene happened where the planet collapses and the Ebon Hawk appears and we fly away. There was no after the fact conversation as I recall.
  4. Or if you feel that way inclined you can use your force powers to stun your opponent and then do sneak attack damage while they are stuned (if you are playing a Watchman or Sith Assassin). I found at the later levels with my Guardian/WM I was able to use Force Push successfully almost all the time against the majority of opponents and they would all then be stunned. Of course I didn't have sneak attack but was able to use Force Jump to get to them and take them out really quickly. In this case it it is the chance to hit that is important rather than the dealing out a couple of extra points damage, so Finesse here comes in handy. In close combat I always used Master Flurry and Master Speed in combination to ensure that at most it would take 2 rounds to take my enemies out. Remember to use those Force Powers, they are not just for getting your coffee from the kitchen while you are on the couch. :cool:
  5. Maybe the Exile is really the one prophesised to bring balance to the Force?????? And Anikin/luke is like the Second Coming? "
  6. I think that the next game should have more inSIDIOUS ways to manipulate the members of your party. I would much prefer to role play a character that says what the team members should hear but subvesrsivly(sp?) change them to the DS as well through playing against their emotions/fears. I agree that the DS choices in KotOR II are more based on thuggery and yobishness than what a Sith Lord should be about. Dance little puppets, dance!!!!!!
  7. I have just finished TSL for the first time as a Lightsider and the ending seemed a bit strange. It didn't answer anything for me. Does being dark side make more sense or is it just because the game is incomplete? I was expecting more explanations, such as what happened to Revan and why I was lying injured in the Ebon Hawk at the start of the game. Will these be answered for me if I play DS?
  8. Well, I reloaded my save game outside and tried that "who are you" route, and it worked. I never had that problem before the game was patched, in fact I didn't have any of the bugs that everyone was talking about. All I can say is thank god there are people still helping others in these forums.
  9. I got stuck at this same point and got given the same Cheat Node options - I never had this problem before the patch so if I can't fix it I will re-install the first patch and see if that works.
  10. Probably a silly question as I have no idea about programming. Will the release of the patch this morning (New Zealand Time) have an impact on what is being done to the restoration project? Is it a matter of tweaking a few lines of code to incorporate what you have done or is it back to the old drawing board???? (Please don't let it be the latter)
  11. If you noticed during the updating that the fps used is actually Lucasarts so I guess we have them to thank/blame for the patch and the time it took for them to do it.
  12. I am keen to see the new film. Bought my tickets yesterday to see the film on the 20th (in New Zealand so the 19th for the States). Was very disappointed with the second film, seemed very shallow and since we grew up with most of the actors in the film on New Zealand TV their accents weren't very exotic for us. I refused to buy the Original Trilogy on DVD because IMHO it was not "Original". It was the remastering of the remastered versions, which blew as far as I am concerned. I still have the true originals on Video. My friend claimed I was not much of a Star Wars fan(atic) for these traitorous thoughts and jsut about died when I said I didn't think I would bother with Ep III after seeing Attact of the Clones. I didn't!!! But after seeing the trailers I am so looking forward to seeing it. The only thing that is stopping me from going to the Midnight showing is the fact that I have to work on the Thursday and my wife wants to go as well (but not at midnight) While I think that it might be a bit much for someone to queue for ages for tickets, some people are just wired that way and don't need to worry about the things that we value, such as holding down a job and relationships. But some might say the same about people who submit to message boards as well... Hmmmm.
  13. I am going to have to throw my weight behind Neverwinter Nights here. I love that game. It is one of the few I replay again and again. I found BG II to be far too long. I got about 2/3rds of the way through and lost interest. (I am not that hot on Party games anyway). I have yet to finish TSL due to the feeling of confusion that this game can give you. I thought that I must have been in a bad place at the time but now realise it's because there are things missing. Diablo 2 is good, but I prefer a thinking person's RPG instead of a hack and slash. Those types of games rely more on your reaction time rather than anything else. Neverwinter Nights (and KotOR 1 and 2) with the pause function means that it is a more strategic game. I will go on the record now saying I will allocate money to buy NWN2, 3 etc, and KotOR 3 and any others, long before I think about buying a Diablo 3.
  14. Or a free version of the patch. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes I thought $7 for the patch was a bit cheeky. " :ph34r: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Huh? I thought patches were distributed for free through the updating option from the game menu, just like Neverwinter Nights
  15. I found that enemies don't resist as well if you play a consular character in the earlier levels - obviously due to the DC bonus that they get. I do have to agree that the stasis force powers didn't work very well against the Sith Assassins near the start but I thought that was becuase they were supposed to be Force resistant. I also found that the Force lightning series may have been saved against when I was 2-4th levels but the amount of damage you did with them more than made up for it. I read somewhere that as you progress through the game your enemies get better saving throws and so force powers such as stun tend to only do well at the lower levels. It is a shame that if you want decent offensive force powers you have to take Dark Side powers even if you want to play a Light Sider. Especially since it takes so long to get your lightsaber and Light Side Force powers revolve around melee based characters. If you want to play a supporting Jedi role you need those Dark Side powers!
  16. I really enjoyed playing KOTOR and completed as a Scout/Guardian Dark Sider. The game was very well put together as all of Bioware's games are. The plot progressed at a great pace and the twist was well thought out. I suspected but didn't expect it, if you understand that. I am finding that KOTOR 2 is better in some regards. I love that you can use opposing force powers and have your CHA minimise the penilties. I also like the fact you can switch weapons and really dig some of the new force powers. The main problem I am having with KOTOR 2 is that it seems to be rushed. By this I don't mean that the game feels unfinished but that it seems that everything happens too fast and you are rushed along without understanding everything that is happening. It reminds me a bit of Max Payne, how the game seemed shorter because it felt that you had to do everything in a hurry. I played through the first time as a sentinal and became a watchman with no overall understanding of what is happening. I got too confused and wasn't even a quarter of the way through. It seemed everything was happening too quickly. The influence thing is also something I don't quite get. I understand you can influence some party members to become Jedi and you can get some background info, but really, what for? Does it really advance the plot it that person becomes a Jedi or if you can make Mandalore nice??????
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