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  1. This has been an ongoing issue since I purchased the game. The latest patch to the game or the newest GPU driver has not fixed the issue. I thought I'd post an update with a save game where it occurs 100% of the time. If you load this save and then **** around in some inventory menus or try and level up and take too long, it is a black screen driver crash every time. The only way I've made it as far into the game as I have is rushing through all my menu navigation and often closing and saving in-between since I have to repeat a lot. I have experienced roughly 50-60 crashes since I first st
  2. I thought I'd update that after the latest patch, it still happens. It is always in menus. Hovering over certain items like The Last Word, or attempting to level up in certain locations.
  3. I thought after the latest patches and updates to Nvidia drivers this might have helped but I am still suffering issues. I am having my GPU driver crash on a regular basis in-game, most often while leveling up or navigating menus. The driver recovers but the screen stays black. This happens on every GPU driver I've attempted to use so far, before and after game patches as well. The issue seems to be isolated entirely within PoE 2 as I haven't had any issues with a number of other games I have tested, including other Unity games. This forum won't let me upload my save game because it is too
  4. I am still suffering GPU driver crashes and black screens randomly during the game after the patch. It is most common while leveling up.
  5. I am having similar crashes. Windows 7 i7-4810MQ 2.8Ghz 16GB of RAM GeForce GTX 880m with the newest drivers. I can sometimes get 15-20 minutes out of it and my crashes occur most frequently when leveling up characters. I've tried most of the things in this thread already with no luck.
  6. I've reached the first town in the game without an issue, upon reloading my save game to continue playing I have a black screen wherein the driver will crash and successfully recover but nothing will clear the black screen and I have to end the games process. This will occur every time I load my various saves. I've made several attempts to fix this based on things I've read from similar reports online but no issue. Nvidia Geforce GTX 880m driver version 397.93 This issue is unique to PoE 2 at the moment. DxDiag.txt
  7. Is there any way to unbind the number keys assigned to characters so I can assign them to skills? I saw no option to unbind it in controls. The game seems to be wanting to fight me every step of the way in allowing some ease of use for myself. There is also no way to queue commands to characters? Between the lack of skill hotkeys that I'd like, and no queueing of commands combined with no AI. It is really starting to grate on me because I have to hold the hands of my characters for every battle(Which I am fine with really) but the other things make it a chore. I was pumped for the game but
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