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  1. Okay, so then if I go with what I have and just buy the White March Expansion Pass... that would cover everything? Oh! I found Deadfire: https://www.gog.com/game/pillars_of_eternity_deadfire_pack It wasn't listed with the others, I assume because it's free. I guess I'm set then. I'll wait a day or two for someone to point out that I'm wrong.
  2. I've been waiting to play Pillars until it was finally finished. Not mostly done, but done. I was going to play it last year, but there was some mention about a final final edition coming up, so I figured I'd wait some more instead. Now the Definitive Edition is it, right? No more waiting? Good. And I got an email saying that I "GET THE ALL-NEW DEADFIRE PACK DLC FREE," so that's good too. I'm not seeing this on GoG though. The Definitive Edition is there, but I have to buy that. And the regular old non-definitive edition is there, and I've got that purchased, but... it doesn't have anything in ALL CAPS, or a whole bunch of exclamation points, so I don't know. It seems undefinitive. Maybe someone could explain to me what the deal is? Do I have to buy some expansions or something, in order to get the free one?
  3. I tried to fill out the DLC survey, but it's got a ton of required questions without the option to answer: "I don't care about this." I could either lie, defeating the purpose of having a survey, or I could come here. So, I care about two things when it comes to expansions: Does this contribute to the game in a meaningful way? Is this DRM'd? That's pretty much it. I guess you could say that I care about cost, but that's only relative to #1. I don't know if those two questions were on the survey, I could only see the front page. Calling an expansion "DLC" is usually a red flag, since that usually means that it's DRM'd. I've never purchased anything labeled DLC, but The White March, for example, is identified as "an expansion pack" on GOG.
  4. Well I didn't get an answer here, but someone over on GOG directed me to this thread: https://www.gog.com/forum/pillars_of_eternity/linux_unofficial_patches/post1 Just an FYI for anyone else coming here with this problem.
  5. I'm trying to patch from 1.0.6 up to 2.0 and when I just run the script (pillars_of_eternity_patch_2.5.6.9.sh) it asks for a directory. So that's fine, but whatever directory I give it I get an error: ERROR: Folder doesn't contain any game The game is in "/home/me/Pillars of Eternity" and I've tried that and "/home/me/Pillars of Eternity/game" and just "/home/me". Same thing every time. So I tried just extracting the patch myself, but it isn't obvious to me what to do with it. There's a script there called patch_it.sh, which doesn't seem to do anything when I run it. At any rate, any help would be appreciated.
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