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  1. Okay, so then if I go with what I have and just buy the White March Expansion Pass... that would cover everything? Oh! I found Deadfire: https://www.gog.com/game/pillars_of_eternity_deadfire_pack It wasn't listed with the others, I assume because it's free. I guess I'm set then. I'll wait a day or two for someone to point out that I'm wrong.
  2. I've been waiting to play Pillars until it was finally finished. Not mostly done, but done. I was going to play it last year, but there was some mention about a final final edition coming up, so I figured I'd wait some more instead. Now the Definitive Edition is it, right? No more waiting? Good. And I got an email saying that I "GET THE ALL-NEW DEADFIRE PACK DLC FREE," so that's good too. I'm not seeing this on GoG though. The Definitive Edition is there, but I have to buy that. And the regular old non-definitive edition is there, and I've got that purchased, but... it doesn't have anythin
  3. I tried to fill out the DLC survey, but it's got a ton of required questions without the option to answer: "I don't care about this." I could either lie, defeating the purpose of having a survey, or I could come here. So, I care about two things when it comes to expansions: Does this contribute to the game in a meaningful way? Is this DRM'd? That's pretty much it. I guess you could say that I care about cost, but that's only relative to #1. I don't know if those two questions were on the survey, I could only see the front page. Calling an expansion "DLC" is usually a red flag, sinc
  4. Well I didn't get an answer here, but someone over on GOG directed me to this thread: https://www.gog.com/forum/pillars_of_eternity/linux_unofficial_patches/post1 Just an FYI for anyone else coming here with this problem.
  5. I'm trying to patch from 1.0.6 up to 2.0 and when I just run the script (pillars_of_eternity_patch_2.5.6.9.sh) it asks for a directory. So that's fine, but whatever directory I give it I get an error: ERROR: Folder doesn't contain any game The game is in "/home/me/Pillars of Eternity" and I've tried that and "/home/me/Pillars of Eternity/game" and just "/home/me". Same thing every time. So I tried just extracting the patch myself, but it isn't obvious to me what to do with it. There's a script there called patch_it.sh, which doesn't seem to do anything when I run it. At any rate, an
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