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  1. I have the same issue and I just sent my file to Cdiaz, hoping he can solve the issue.
  2. (Mac version) When I activate the fps counter on steam. I had these glitches. (The second happened during the loading of my save). I had the first glitch on the 1.03 version, exactly when I had activated the fps counter.
  3. You can't complain about the game while playing on the beta patch if you didn't read the warnings...
  4. (Mac - french version) When I move the pop-up window, it goes right to the bottom of the screen, like you see in the screenshot. Then I can only move it to the right or the left. I found a way to unblock it : slide it more to the bottom. My second bug : I finished the "quest" in the sanatorium, then talked to the statue before leaving. Few times after, I wanted to go back and talk to the statue but is not possible anymore. I see the chat icon when I put my cursor on it but when I click, my party goes to him without any chat window opened...
  5. I just reached the Sanatorium and I can't ignore anymore the weird translation of "Awakened" into "Réveillé" instead of "Eveillé". It's just stupid, no one would say that in french, and as I said, "Eveillé" or "Eveil" (awakening) is a more spiritual term.
  6. Quelqu'un peut m'expliquer ce qu'est un github ? C'est un patch de traduction "figé" ou c'est un truc plus complexe, participatif ?
  7. Ici des gens sympas contribuent à corriger le jeu pour que d'autres joueurs puissent en profiter pleinement, pendant que tu...chiales ton mécontentement? Donc soit sympa, la prochaine fois que tu joues note sur un blocnote ce qui te semble bizarre, sinon contente toi simplement de jouer sans revenir verser tes larmes ici. Ça sert à que dalle et c'est juste offensant. __________ - There's an Orlan female named "Key" in the Defiance Bay tavern. When you press tab her name has been unnecessary translated by "Clé" but when you talk to her Orlan friend he calls her "Key".
  8. (Mac - French version) this axe dimension is blocked whatever I do. Look at the end of the second and third line.
  9. Did you launched the game via spotlight ? Sometimes it opens the wrong file (the downloaded one).
  10. Because the performance issues are due to the 3D models characters.
  11. When you talk with the mad guy hidden at Caed Nua, he talks about the "Awakening", which was badly translated by "Le Réveil". I think the best word was "l'Eveil" which is a more spiritual and profound term.
  12. First off, thank you for your amazing game and your big 1.03 patch. Minor bugs : - some loading screens have no text/advices (I play on mac, french version) - I can hear footsteps when my party has already reached the destination. - (Important) When I bought a new spell (Ghost blades) in the grimoire of Ludrana, the spell disappeared from the book. - (not sure) In the raedric's hold when I try to reach the prison from the stronghold, I can't open the door near the stairs (in the prison level), it only works on the other side. So now, let's talk about the real issue in my opinion : your game is not optimized. I had like 20-25 fps, then I reached the Dyrwood tavern with my party of 6 (+ 1 pet) people and I can't ignore anymore the framerate issue. In some cases like the Dyrwood tavern, I have like 15 fps (or less maybe ?). This is insane for an "infinity" game, nearly unplayable, certainly not enjoyable. All of this because of your 3D models technology. I don't care about your fancy shaders, the complexity of the modelisation for an isometric CRPG. You put some effort to make something pretty, which is good, but you can't ignore those who bought the game on your promises (a game that can work on low end pc). Few months ago the minimum requirement mentioned a Pentium 4 CPU and it suddenly changed to Intel Core i3, it's unfair. And now when someone's complaining, even with a good PC configuration, about overheating CPU, you just say "hmmm, have you cleaned your cooling fans ?" and talk about anti-aliasing or screen resolution like it was the only issue and solution. When I read that, I feel you're considering some players like idiots. In my case (Macbook pro OSX 10.9.5, Intel Core 2 Duo 2,53ghz, 8go DDR3, Geforce 9600M GT 512mo), disabling anti-aliasing and reducing my screen resolution does really nothing to my framerate issue. Voilà, I said all my thoughts. Now I just wait to see your efforts on optimization (Unity 5 ???, lower your 3D models complexity ?)
  13. I won't tell you how many hours I stayed on the Character creation's screen, because I've not finished yet. So, I have very important questions (for me ) about the clothes : - Can I buy the basic clothes from other cultures in the game ? I like one, except its lore and stat. (I play monk so basic clothes mean something for me) - Can we change the color of others clothes in the game ? - Does culture has a real influence on conversations or is it just the little stat ?
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