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  1. https://youtu.be/AhDPFJENqBc my problem its a interview over her views of feminism, rape culture, mra wheres GG if you are saying its related to gg come out and openly say it , This gg interview where exacly?
  2. I hope you are just uninformed , but I quite doubt it. The one person, the Killallmen often quoter you gallantly came, who started rallied quite a lot of twitter supporters to her cause and was forwarded to a Obsidian employee by Ian Miles Cheong, a game journalist. Soon there was a huge twitter pile up of people both for against the limerick remaining as it was. In no time insults, anger, and maybe threats ( I haven't seen one of these and I don't believe pure hearsay or what pretends is journalism) were traded by both sides and a huge PR mess was created. Obsidian tried and mostly
  3. What if I'm a fanatic for reason? Anything that makes you blind for other possible interpretation and lines of reasoning. Fanatism leads to the belief that you and those who share that same belief are always correct and should makes everyone else a beliver or punish them for their wrongness.
  4. That the Limerick was a issue at all is part my problem. But creating outrage to shout at Obsidian for caving to outrage is kind of nuts, its throwing gasoline to stop the fire. Fanatism for any cause is a mind and reason killer. I just belive this anything is potentialy offensive because its perception judgement based on cultural and personal values. If none can put out potentially offensive content no one can create any content at all. And you cant preach tolerance while enforcing the opposite of it. Check what you are really doing before throwing stones at someone else
  5. You dont have to be of certain gender or race to have an opinion nor have friends of in the lbgt comunity to validate them. I can and will use my own critical thinking and reason. Its written in a limerick in a game it can be easily ignored and does not incite viloence against any group or gender, nor there is explict trans description on it, you can maybe imply but only as one possible explanation of many. To me this whole incident only shows how intolerant some outrage mobs can be in the name of imposing their views.
  6. The Limerick isnt transphobic. People should look for worse things to be offended by. Im less bothered by the change since Firedorn approved it and its not Obsidian created content. But catering to people who are forever offended as minimaly as it may seem only entices them to come back for more. They are a censorship happy bunch and will keep looking for more ways to supress free expression and speech, they treat their alleged causes with religious fervor and any who stands in the way is demonized as a opressor.
  7. Just dont let people derail the discussion by continous insult throwing , some have done so purposefully to force the closing of discussion.
  8. Less histerical hyperbole please. I disagree with the change but Firedorn made the joke agreed with it. Its not content Obsidian created. Still think the perpetually outraged will keep coming for more and we may see this as tame. But lets not become another outrage mob.
  9. Im against giving the perpetually outrage ground to demand change at any perceived sligth. They complained of the joke replacement too. And they will keep coming for more.
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