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  1. I made myself a Snowelf portrait, maybe someone wants to use it as well, since there aren't any real white elfs in the default portrait selection:
  2. First, it has nothing to do with 2d/3d, it's more a matter of which perspective you prefer. I just love the isometric view, it's so much better suited for tactical combat, the latest Dragon Age made this very obvious. Dragon Age: Origins or Divinity: Original Sin on the other hand were proofs, that 3d graphics also work with isometric view, even though I prefer Pillars more detailed backgrounds, 3d graphics tend to look way more comic like, the details are simply not good enough with our current tech. Oh and I enjoy Elder Scrolls games for what they are, immersive exploring action adventur
  3. If Ciphers, Druids and even Priests are too strong right now, maybe you should consider that the Wizard is just too weak But, as a lot of people already said, it's not only the balance, it's also the fun stuff that is missing, especially when you fight enemy mages: In the Baldurs Gate games a strong enemy mage was always an event, even the very first in front of the Friendly Arm could kill newcomers easily. Or remember the Demiliches, the guys in the pink room in Athkatla, Jon Irenicus, they could wipe your entire group with a fingersnap, if you weren't prepared. I am already far in Chapt
  4. My main is a level 8 Wizard and even rank 4 spells are pretty lackluster to be honest. My best spell is the clone I can summon (rank 4), it's dealing good damage and doesn't require melee range to cast, but Firewall for instance is a joke... Actually Wizards are not only too weak (compared to Druids, Priest or Ciphers), but they lack flavor and are not very fun t play. Their debuffs are not strong enough, it feels too MMO'ish with very short durations, the AoE damage is a joke, I can throw in 4 perfectly aimed Fireballs and the enemies are maybe loosing 2 bubbles. For high range single tar
  5. What I find problematic about the partial voice over is the fact, that we have the descriptions of the narrator in between the spoken sentences, thus it's hard to catch up and read it synchronously. Especially if you're not using the english text!
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