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  1. FWIW Josh tweeted today that they know about this issue and are looking into it.
  2. Charge, cleave, carnage, disengagement attack, riposte all can trigger skald special thing. Only carnage of these is not an 'attack' so it won't trigger weapon proc on hit, and won't generate focus for cipher. All the rest will. Are you sure carnage can trigger it? Because I noticed when I made a howler in the most recent beta none of the carnage hits would crit, and I mouse over'd them and saw that one of them rolled a 99, so was over 100 after all the to hit calculations, and it still didn't crit. Did they remove carnage's ability to crit? Also, does anyone know how big carnag
  3. Does anyone know if the Barbarian ability Heart of Fury is in deadfire? I can't find any info about it being in the game, and the high level dungeon stream from yesterday didn't have it on the barb which makes me worried. And if it IS in the game, is it too high level to have on a multi-classed barb? Reason I ask is because I've been thinking about making a berserker/skald for the crits and heart of fury would just be gravy on top. Sort of related: does anyone know if Fighter's charge counts as a melee attack that will trigger the skald's unique crit giving phrases ability?
  4. Does anyone know how I can buy the documentary separately? I'm a kickstarter backer but not a higher tier one, on the eternity website I didn't see any addon option that mentioned the documentary, other than buying a whole new digital deluxe for $45. Any help would be appreciated!
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